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Chairman of Better Together will face growing questions about a future
under Westminster rule

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Independence: one-third of British citizens too poor to 'join in with society'

New research about the realities of life in Britain raises fresh questions for the 'Better Together' campaign. The report shows around one-third of people in modern-day Britain are excluded from mainstream society and are unable to afford consumer goods, go to the cinema or take a vacation. Scots face a choice of two different futures when they go to the polls next year and questions are mounting over what the future holds for families should Scotland vote 'no' to independence. The research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows that the poorest 30 percent cannot participate in society as they have fewer social relationships and less trust in other people in Britain.                                        

SNP calls for UK government to ‘come clean’ over rendition flights

SNP MSPs have urged the UK government to ‘come clean’ on what knowledge it has on rendition flights using Inverness, Wick and Aberdeen airports. A study by Kingston and Kent universities found that 13 flights to these airports may have been involved in the US security service's rendition programme. Mr Gibson, SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, said: “Rendition flights could never be in accordance with domestic or international law – so what exactly does the UK government know about these flights?” “ What was the involvement of the UK government in aiding the CIA-linked flights as they ferry detainees to and from places of torture and imprisonment?”

More Scottish news:

Scottish Main Street shops set for cull, says report

A new report warns that stores in Scotland's Main Streets will close down over the next few years with the loss of many jobs. The dominant grip of supermarkets pushing out small retailers, the UK's nosediving economy, and online shopping are among the key factors behind the disappearance. According to the Retail Futures 2018 report, as many as one in five shops will close across the UK by 2018. The situation is forecast to be most acute in Scotland despite attempts by the Scottish government to level the playing field for small retailers by raising taxes on giant supermarket chains and reducing small business rates.                                             

Opposition parties are challenged on Westminster’s false oil figures

The SNP has challenged the Conservative party’s claims that the value of oil was not downplayed by Westminster. Quotes from previous Labour and Tory politicians have arguably demonstrated that the value of Scotland’s oil was underplayed throughout the 1970s – following comments from Dennis Healey last week and previous revelations in the McCrone report. Commenting, SNP MSP Maureen Watt said: “The Scottish Government’s oil forecasts are in line with the industry’s – personally I would trust the forecasts of those working in the industry rather than those of a UK government that, as Lord Healey says, is “worried stiff” about Scots voting Yes”. "Only a Yes vote gives Scotland the opportunity to make the next four decades of oil and gas work for our country and for future generations”.                                             

Muslim leader’s son brutally murdered in Edinburgh

The son of a leader at one of Scotland's biggest mosques has been identified as the victim of a brutal gang shooting in Edinburgh. Tributes were paid to Mohammed Omar Abdi, whose father was a senior figure at Edinburgh Central Mosque, after it was revealed the 25-year-old was the man gunned down by two gangs of men in the Willowbrae area of the capital. One of Mr Abdi's friends, Nabeel Mohammad, paid his own tribute by making an appeal for peace in the wake of the violence; adding that he wanted to send a message to "all those lads" with reputations to defend in the community, and that they should "stop hating one another". A dramatic increase in incidents targeting Britain's Muslim community has been registered after last week's murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.


UK behind EU lifting arms embargo to Syrian insurgents

Britain and France have forced the lifting of the EU arms embargo which will allow the arming of the insurgents that ignited the nation's war which has resulted in c70-80,000 deaths and a million-and-a-half displaced refugees. Many Syrian insurgents, who are in reality Qatari mercenaries have been receiving weapons for years from the Gulf nation - a key US ally - with the knowledge of both Europe and the US, reported the Financial Times recently. The lifting of the embargo is likely to increase weaponization and bloodshed in the war-torn nation as China and Russia send arms to the Syrian government in response. Some observers see the escalation in Syria as about providing a natural gas pipeline from Qatar into Turkey and from there on to Europe.                                             

UK crisis: benefits crackdown ‘humiliates’ disabled Army war veterans

Questionable back to work welfare assessments authorised by Westminster that are seeing benefits removed from former soldiers have been denounced by leading veterans’ charities. Severely wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, who were once entitled to incapacity benefits, are now being told they no longer qualify under new assessments carried out by Atos on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Danny Greeno, chief executive of the Veterans Charity, said: “It is becoming an unbearable situation. It should not be happening to people who have served their country. The people doing these assessments need to be properly qualified”.                                             

UK pharmaceutical giant Astrazeneca secures US based Omthera in $443mn deal

Multi billion dollar pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is to buy Omthera Pharmaceuticals for as much as $443mn in attempts to build up its cardiovascular drug business - a priority area for the UK's second-biggest drugmaker. The acquisition of the US based specialist in fish oil derived medicine underscores a drive to revive AstraZeneca's fortunes through a series of bolt-on deals. Cardiovascular medicine is a key area for AstraZeneca, whose top selling medicine is cholesterol fighter Crestor. AstraZeneca is also banking on another heart drug, Brilinta, to drive sales as older products go off patent. In March 2011, AstraZeneca settled a lawsuit in the US totalling $68.5mn after claims were made against its promotion of drug Seroquel in children and adolescents, long before establishing that it was safe or effective for use among this population.

Iraq descending into civil war after western mission failure

A further 57 people have been killed after a number of explosions ripped through the Iraqi capital Baghdad according to Al Jazeera. Fatalities this month have reached 350 as sectarian trouble spreads across the nation destabilised after years of occupation and war.


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