From the small town Larbert to New York City



 Malcolm Boyd owns a recruitment agency which is specialised

 in the Fincanical Services Industry


1) Why did you leave Scotland?

Always wanted to work overseas and experience different cultures so I jumped at the chance to relocate with Grant Thornton to New York when the opportunity arose in January of 1994.


2) Where did you grow up and at what age did you leave Scotland?

Larbert, Stirlingshire. I left when I was 25.


3) What is your job/sector and how many countries have you lived in?

Currently own a recruitment agency located in New York specializing in the Financial Services Industry and have lived in Scotland, US (NYC & Los Angeles) and Sydney, Australia.


4) Do you show pictures of the Loch Ness Monster to the locals?

Only real ones.


5) Which citizenship do you have and which languages do you speak?

UK for now, after many years of procrastination on August 17th.

I am due to be sworn in as a US Citizen.


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6) Has living abroad changed the way you think about Scotland?

No – if anything it has reinforced my beliefs that Scotland needs to be independent in order to assert its own identity, create its own defined marketing agenda and to effectively compete in the Global Marketplace.


7) Are there any Scottish products you would like to be able to buy?

Deep-fried pizza supper.

You can actually just about get anything else from international shelves in supermarkets or on-line distributors within the US.


8) What about the independence referendum coming up? How will it affect you and Scotland’s international image?

I’m a founding member of the non-profit organization “Americans For an Independent Scotland” so I’d say it is self-evident where my support lies.

An independent Scotland will provide a massive boost for Scotland’s international image, will eliminate the current confusion over our constitutional position within the UK and may also contribute significantly to Scottish self-confidence from a psychological & therefore entrepreneurial perspective.

Personally, I will take immense pride in witnessing Scotland take up its rightful seat at the table of the United Nations headquartered here in NY.


9) Have you ever had problems or found that people treat you differently because you are Scottish?

Can’t think of anytime I have been – certainly not in a negative way. Due to my accent though I am consistently mistaken for being Irish here in NY which is a whole other issue!


10) Do you have any plans for living in Scotland again and have you got a message for Scots back home?

Possibly – especially if our long term plans to open an office location in Edinburgh or Glasgow materialize. As for a message – turn the heating up! 

Seriously, have faith in your own collective abilities and strengths and an exciting & rewarding chapter in our nation’s history could be about to begin.


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