New poll shows swing to 'yes' vote

Leader of Yes Scotland Blair Jenkins welcomes the latest poll showing a
swing towards a 'yes' vote in Scotland's referendum next year

Scottish News: New poll shows swing to 'yes' vote

Scots are warming to the idea of independence according to a new opinion poll. The survey by Panelbase shows support for 'no' at 46 percent, 'yes' at 36 percent, and 'don't knows' at 18 percent - the narrowest gap in the campaign so far and means a mere 5 percent swing would mean Scotland becoming independent.

If the 'don't knows' are excluded the poll shows that with the campaign is still at its early stages 44 percent would currently back a 'yes' vote while 56 percent would vote 'no'.

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The poll shows a narrowing of the gap between 'yes' and 'no' as the campaign debate gets under way and the electorate engages with the issues.

The poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times and Real Radio, also demonstrated the huge levels of trust people across Scotland continue to place in the SNP, with the party enjoying a 20 point lead over Labour in the regional vote for the Scottish parliament.

Further good news for the SNP government is that the poll shows 47 percent of people would back the SNP in the constituency vote for a Holyrood election - up two points from the May 2011 landslide election result - compared to 30 percent for Labour, who have fallen two points since the same election, 12 percent who would back the Tories and just 5 percent would vote for the LibDems.

The poll comes just days after it was announced that the referendum on an independent Scotland would take place on 18 September 2014.

Welcoming today’s survey the chief executive of Yes Scotland, Blair Jenkins, said:   
‘This poll shows that overall support for a Yes vote in September next year is growing, while the No campaign is slipping backwards. On these figures, we need only a five per cent swing to put Yes in the lead.   
‘We know that of those who have yet to decide how they will vote, a large number are women  Over the next 18 months we will be setting out in detail why independence offers them the best path to creating the kind of Scotland they want for themselves and their children.    
‘Westminster isn’t working for women and it isn’t working for Scotland. The disastrous bedroom tax is just the latest in a series of policies engineered in London and endured in Scotland that will punish disabled people in a way that is both unfair and immoral.   
'As an independent nation, we’ve got what it takes to be a more prosperous as well as a fairer country in which policies such as the bedroom tax would simply not be tolerated and where vitally important issues such as childcare and equal opportunity are at the top of the agenda.'

Panelbase interviewed 885 adults in Scotland between March 18-22 for the Sunday Times and Real Radio Scotland



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