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First Minister Alex Salmond's call for stimulus funds to boost the
economy has been echoed by the IMF IMAGE:STOCKPIX.EU

Scottish news: News in Scotland - Friday

IMF echoes Salmond’s call for Plan B

The IMF has echoed First Minister Alex Salmond’s call for Westminster to release money to invest in jobs and infrastructure. Britain risks permanent economic damage if Westminster refuses to adopt fiscal stimulus measures to reverse the pain caused by UK’s economic crisis warned the IMF.

Defence minister Peter Luff reveals Scotland defence share of UK military

Peter Luff, the UK Defence Minister, has detailed Scotland’s share of the UK’s defence assets estimating the assets at around £3.7 billion (excluding recent items such as the money invested in Trident and new aircraft carriers) which in hardware terms breaks down to approximately 26 tanks, two warships, 18 fast jets, one submarine and 26 helicopters. This would be supported by 15,000 regular personnel and 5,000 reserves in the three services according to SNP plans.

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Whisky industry faces healthcare criticism over minimum pricing challenge

The whisky industry's legal challenge to Holyrood's Alcohol Minimum Pricing Bill has been criticised by health campaigners. Alcohol Focus Scotland and the British Medical Association have expressed their disappointment at the challenge to the legislation which the Scottish Government claims will save dozens of lives in Scotland every year.

Prince William receives the highest honour in Scotland

Prince William has received Scotland's highest honour - the Order of the Thistle - in St Giles' Cathedral. The honour has been described as a 30th 'birthday present' for the prince from his grandmother.

Union accused of holding the Olympics to ransom

Politicians including home secretary Theresa May have condemned the Public and Commercial Services Union’s decision to strike the day before the start of the Olympic Games, branding it “shameful”. The strike was called over plans to cut 8500 jobs and a pay rise cap of 1%. PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka defended the move stating: “We're not holding anyone to ransom...This strike is an absolute last resort because everything else we have tried to get them in a room to negotiate these problems, they have refused."

David Cameron says austerity will last until 2020

Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed in an interview with the Telegraph that his Government’s austerity programme which was designed to last for five years will now likely last a decade. Mr Cameron indicated a desire to cut taxes by reducing public spending further.

US Treasury Secretary may face “criminal liability” over Libor

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is coming under pressure to explain why he didn’t do more when he became aware of Libor problems in 2008. Mr Geithner, then President of the NY Fed, could face “criminal liability” as he failed in his responsibility to warn the US Justice Department and the FBI according to some commentators.

Russia and China veto Syria sanctions

In a further sign that Syrians are caught up in a geo-political power struggle, Russia and China have vetoed UN sanctions against the Syrian government. Russia's ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, justified the veto saying countries had "attempted to fan the flames of conflict within the UN Security Council".

Bulgarian bus explosion was suicide bombing

A bomb which exploded outside Burgas International Airport killing five Israeli tourists is understood to have been the work of a suicide bomber disguised as an American tourist and carrying a forged Michigan drivers licence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately claimed the attack was "perpetrated by Hezbollah, Iran's leading terrorist proxy”. However, the Iranian foreign ministry has struck back against this claim calling it a “baseless accusation” while Bulgarian authorities say they do not yet know the identity of the bomber.

Huge Protests against austerity measures erupt as Spanish legislators approve new legislation

Spanish police forces resorted to charging protesters and firing rubber bullets at them after yesterday’s peaceful protest turned to rioting earlier today. The protest, which is estimated to have attracted 100,000 people, was one of over 80 union- lead demonstrations across the country against VAT hikes and public service cuts designed to help Spain cut its deficit.



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