News in Scotland - Friday

Comments made by the Archbishop-elect of Glasgow has been greeted
with disgust by many of Scotland's catholics

Scottish news: News in Scotland - Friday

Scotland will emerge from crisis first in the UK
The chief economist at the Scottish government has predicted that Scotland will recover from what he calls the ‘recession’ faster than the rest of the UK. Dr Gary Gillespie, Scotland’s chief economist, said Scotland's substantially lower housing costs mean the country will take a shorter time than other parts of the UK to recover from the economic crisis.

‘Scolympians’ are cheered on by SNP
A video has been compiled by the Scottish government to wish the 54 Olympians and 23 Paralympians good luck in the upcoming London 2012 games. In the minute-long video, the ministers say: “London 2012 is here and the whole of Scotland is united in supporting you, Scotland’s Olympic athletes, to go for gold.” You can see the video here.

Scottish graduates face further struggles to find employment

Graduates are being encouraged to ‘dumb down’ their CVs by Jobcentre staff, to increase their chances of finding work according to Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS). One recent law graduate told CAS: "At the (Jobcentre) group meetings we were encouraged to leave any degree off the CV to help us find more plentiful unskilled work. I was told to stop looking for graduate work and take a 'survival' job."

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Scotrail fined for failing to meet standards on services

Transport Scotland has fined the company £373,000 for its failure to improve car parks, help points or telephones, ticket vending machines, train seats, on-train destination boards and the seat reservation system. However, the National Passenger Survey (NPS) recorded an 89 percent figure on overall passenger satisfaction, compared to a UK-wide figure of 84 percent.

Jura Islanders are offering a bottle of whisky for whoever can find them a doctor

Following the failure by the 200 islanders to attract a GP through advertisements placed in medical journals, the residents on the isle of Jura are offering a bottle of whisky as a finder’s fee to anyone who can help them find a suitable candidate.

Partner of dead MP responds to Archbishop-elect of Glasgow comments

Dermot Kehoe expressed his thanks for the support of Scottish Catholics, sharing their disgust at Philip Tartaglia’s remarks. "I've been inundated with messages of support from Catholics in Scotland, expressing their disgust at the comments the archbishop has made. These messages are telling me that these comments show just how out of touch the hierarchy is with its congregations and the Scotland of today,” Kehoe said.

Scotland may be reacquainted with Halifax brand

The Halifax brand may be returning to Scotland, after being replaced by the Bank of Scotland universal brand seven years ago. Since 2001, 60 Scottish Halifax branches were either closed or rebranded by Lloyds however, chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio said the company could lose up to £800m from the sale of 632 branches.

G4S may win contract to tag Scottish prisoners

G4S, the firm behind the Olympics Games security fiasco, is set to land the contract to electronically tag Scottish prisoners, it has been reported. The company was derided when it came to light that it did not hire enough staff to meet its Olympics contract obligations resulting in the UK Government ordering 1200 more military personnel to help with the Games' security operation.


Merger of groups to reform IRA

The Real IRA, Republican Action Against Drugs and independent groups described as "non conformist republicans" are to merge and call themselves the IRA. It is being reported as a threat to ramp up a violent campaign against British control in Northern Ireland.

RAF used drones against Gaddafi’s forces admits Ministry of Defence
Following questioning by Lord Bates of Langbaurgh, Under secretary of state Lord Astor said: "UK personnel flew armed remotely piloted air systems missions against Gaddafi's forces in Libya in 2011, in support of the Nato humanitarian mission authorized under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973."

Another Barclays chief investigated by FSA

Barclays Finance chief Chris Lucas is being investigated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) over £7.3bn funds raised from investors in the Middle East in 2008. Barclays, which is trying to overcome the damage that Libor manipulation revelations has done, revealed the latest news about regulator investigations into the bank. It is reported that the fundraising allowed the bank to avoid asking for a taxpayer bailout.

Mario Draghi promises to do 'whatever it takes' to save euro

Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, has promised to do "whatever it takes" to avoid the collapse of the eurozone. Despite his speech at an investment conference in London rallying markets and reducing Spain and Italy's borrowing costs his message has been dismissed by Charles Biderman, CEO of US investment research firm Trimtabs, who described the European crisis as "not a solvable problem the way the world works today." Mr Biderman said: "Printing money to pay bills maybe will work over the short term. But long term, it cannot."

Spanish unemployment hits record high

Unemployment in Spain reached its highest level in the second quarter, 5.7 million (24.6 percent), since the death of the fascist dictator Franco in 1975. With the economy collapsing, and capital controls being introduced companies are laying off staff, driven by forecasts of a deepening economic crisis.

US has no plans for Syrian intervention despite claims a massacre may ensue

The US has warned that the Syrian government may be planning to carry out a massacre in the Syrian city of Aleppo, as tank columns and aircraft loyal to Assad move to engage with rebel forces. It is not clear why the US authorities believe a massacre will ensue as opposed to military confrontation.

Cuban President willing to hold ‘no-limits’ talks with America

Cuban President Raúl Castro has announced that he is willing to hold talks with the US on topics which were previously off limits, including democratic elections, freedom of the press and human rights, on the island. Mr Castro said: "We are nobody's colony, nobody's puppet... Any day they want, the table is set. This has already been said through diplomatic channels. If they want to talk, we will talk."

Mexican protesters surround Televisia studios following election scandal

Protesters blockaded the studios of Mexican TV network Televisa, accusing it of biased coverage of the 1 July presidential election following López Obrador’s claims that Peña Nieto paid Televisa for favorable coverage.

America threatens to block Chinese takeover of Canadian oil company Nexen

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer has said in a draft letter that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) should not approve the deal until China makes "tangible, enforceable commitments" on market access for U.S. companies. Schumer’s statement represents a strong U.S. position against the $15.1bn deal which would give China a stake in North American oil assets.

Former spokesperson for war-criminal Milosevic takes power in Serbia

Ivica Dacic, the former aide to Milosevic, became the Prime Minister of Serbia today, sparking fears that he may lead Serbia away from the European Union. He states that Serbia’s future is in the EU, but Western diplomats are still uneasy over whether he is really committed to EU led political and economic reforms.

Victims of Madoff Ponzi scheme are set for $1.5bn compensation

Clients of convicted fraudster Bernard Madoff will receive $1.5bn if plans to see Madoff’s funds liquidated are approved by court. Although the distribution could grow from $1.5bn to $2.4bn following legal claims for interest of up to nine percent to be also paid.



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The non scripted and regrettable remark by the Archbishop- elect was made several months ago. Why is it suddenly hot news? Blog comments when Catholics put a foot wrong usually betray a certain dislike of the thing itself,namely the Catholic Church, something which clouds the issue making a strictly reasoned response to such faux pas awkward for believers without themselves joining the ranks of the Catholic bashers. Perhaps, however,that is the unwitting rational behind the stategy.
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