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Alex Salmond's call for the Chancellor to back a stimulus policy is
echoed by Boris Johnson and the IPPR

Scottish news: News in Scotland - Monday


Three quarters of Scots want NATO alliance

Thee out of four Scots believe that an independent Scotland should be part of the NATO alliance, according to an SNP-published poll. The SNP will now reconsider their long-term opposition to the membership of the nuclear military alliance whilst keeping their plan to remove nuclear weapons from Scottish territory.

Culture tops Cabinet agenda in Skye

The Scottish parliament will hold the first of their summer meetings in Skye, one of four trips to remote areas designed to reach out to the sparser populations of Scotland. Furthering their efforts to connect with the Scottish population, Gaelic Culture will be at the top of their agenda. Alex Salmond and Education Secretary Michael Russel are expected to announce funding for Tobar an Dualchais/Kist O Riches, a vast online collection of Scots and Gaelic poetry, songs, history and folklore.

Labour advised to decrease voting age

Following the Welsh government’s decision to support lowering the voting age to 16, the Labour Party in Scotland has been urged to follow suit, in order to give younger members a vote in the Independence referendum. SNP Westminster equality spokeswoman Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP said: "Young people of this age are already on the electoral roll and they play a part in our society. It is only fair that they have their say."

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Law changes on financial aid offered on multiple births

Parents with low incomes will once again be allowed to claim a financial grant, contributing to the upbringing of their child, regardless of whether they have other children. Keith Reed, chief executive of the Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA) said: "We are really delighted the Government has recognised the additional financial needs of multiple-birth families when setting up home for their newborns.”

Ian Black set to commit future to Rangers in third division

Ex-Hearts midfielder Ian Black set to join Rangers, though the SFA’s decision to let the club join the third division is not yet final. Rangers are expected to be granted membership, on the conditions that they pay £160 000 fines for past misendeavors on top of the fee to apply and enter the league. Ally McCoist hopes that Black will help the club rise through the ranks of Scottish football, despite their underdog position.

Osborne under more pressure to accept Salmond’s stimulus call

Alex Salmond’s calls for a stimulus policy from Westminster have been echoed by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). The report from the think tank argues that government cuts are deepening Britain’s economic crisis and the Chancellor should cut National Insurance, increase borrowing and end his austerity programme. A similar course of action was outlined by the IMF last week and also by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Salmond to head Olympics trade delegation

Alex Salmond will lead a new Scottish Government trade delegation to the 2012 Olympics, in a bid to attract investment from major UK and overseas companies. A special facility on Pall Mall called Scotland House, that will host more than 40 formal and informal events to showcase Scotland's industry, is due to open on Friday 27 July.


HMRC due to “name and shame” tax avoiders

Following the tax revelations relating to comedian Jimmy Carr, the Treasury has proposed a crackdown on tax avoidance schemes to begin on Monday. Those who are caught promoting such schemes could be forced to present a list of client names to inspectors, following the discovery that Carr was paying 1 percent tax on his income.

Traders to be singled out in Libor arrests

European regulators and US prosecutors may be about to begin arresting traders on charges related to collusion to manipulate interest rates. Many commentators believe that traders will be ‘scapegoated’ in order to deflect attention away from the role senior managers in the banking sector may have played in in the Libor scandal.

Iranian military denies threats to close Hormuz Strait

Nearly a week after the United Arab Emirates opened a new oil-pipeline that bypasses the Iranian controlled Strait of Hormuz, it has been reported the deputy naval commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards is downplaying the threats to close the Strait. The Iranian parliament is currently debating a bill which would permit closing the strait in retaliation to the EU’s restriction of Iranian oil. It is widely understood that when there are fears of such events, oil prices spike.

Death toll climbs as Iraqi bombing spree claims 50

The latest figures from hospital and police sources in Iraq have put the death toll from the wave of car bombings and armed assaults that spread through Baghdad and Kirkuk at 50 dead and at least 144 injured. No organisation has claimed responsibility for the attacks, although Al-Qaeda had recently warned of intentions to commence a “new stage” in its campaign.

Syrian forces loyal to the Assad regime re-capture district in Damascus

Rebel fighters have lost control of the Mezzeh district of Damascus following a push from over 1,000 fighters loyal to the Assad family who were reinforced by tanks and armoured vehicles. It is suspected that the lack of supplies to the rebel forces in Damascus will mean that they may soon have to make the tactical decision to withdraw from Damascus entirely. The Syrian forces have also managed to re-capture one of two border crossings to Iraq which had been captured by rebels although rebel forces claim to now have control of a border crossing into Turkey.

Super-rich hide £13 trillion from taxman

The global elite have been hiding £13tn of wealth offshore by exploiting cross-border tax rules according to research commissioned by the Tax Justice Network. The number may reach as high as £20tn, with avoidance facilitated by private banks and tax-havens in such places as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.



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