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Scots tennis player wins Olympic gold while Unionists attempt to
politicise the event

Scottish newsNews in Scotland - Monday


Murray beats Wimbledon rival for gold

Scots tennis player Andy Murray beat Swiss rival Roger Federer in straight sets, taking gold in the London 2012 Olympics men’s singles competition. Murray also won silver with mixed doubles partner Laura Robson, losing out to Belarus in the final.

SNP divide over Nato policy grows

As many as 12 SNP MSPs could join a campaign later this month to urge the party to retain its opposition to joining the Nato alliance. The campaign will be launched at the end of August by the Scottish Trades Union Council (STUC), who will also oppose the reversal of the SNP’s Nato stance.

Scottish Tories politicise Olympics

In a further sign that the Olympics are being used in a propaganda war in relation to the Scottish independence referendum, the Tory blogsite ConservativeHome have quoted a tweet from Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson who wrote: "Andy Murray, great Scot and Olympic Champion, holding a gold medal and proudly draped in the Union Jack - eat your heart out Alex Salmond!" Fellow Unionist Tory Murdo Fraser also told the same outlet: "Scots are enjoying Olympic success, enjoying seeing Scottish athletes as part of a TeamGB. The SNP would destroy British identity but British identity is once again something to be proud of and that makes Salmond's job all the harder."

Orkney and Shetland should have their own choice over independence, Lib Dem MP claimed

Alistair Carmichael, the Northern Isles' MP, insisted that the constitutional concern in the Orkney and Shetland islands has always been about “the centralisation of government” and the islands’ voters should have the right to decide their own future in the independence referendum. The Northern Isles' oil and gas which is estimated to be around 30 percent of total Scottish reserves provides income of £1.5 billion a year.

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Lord Stephen makes £110,000 profit with public subsidies

Former Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen has made a profit of almost £110,000 on a property that was subsidised by the taxpayer, today’s Scotsman reported. Baron Stephen of Lower Deeside is one of many MSPs who have made a profit with the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance which ended in May last year.

Radical steps needed to improve Scottish economy

Robert Crawford, former Scottish Enterprise chief, urged the Scottish Government to acknowledge the economic difficulties the nation could face, in a plea to the Herald yesterday. "I’ve been really disappointed by the Scottish Government’s apparent unwillingness to tackle head on what for me is the single most important economic issue Scotland faces which is our relatively poor economic growth rate born of our low levels of innovation,” he said.

Floods in Borders as Burn overflows

Skip Running Burn in Borders town Jedburgh flooded yesterday, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and evacuations. The MET Office has issued amber ‘be prepared’ warnings in southern Scotland and yellow ‘be aware’ warnings further north after the unseasonably heavy rain. Unusual weather was also recorded over Glasgow by an amateur photographer, showing what has been described as a ‘mini-tornado’.  

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Conservatives may divorce Liberal Democrats

Key advisers to David Cameron and senior Conservative backbenchers have been reportedly discussing a separation of the ways with the Liberal Democrats in 2013 before the next general election as Nick Clegg plans to demand more powers in the cabinet reshuffle.

Brazillian bank plots takeover bid for RBS’s Citizens subsidiary

A Brazilian bank is considering a takeover bid for a Royal Bank of Scotland’s U.S. subsidiary Rhode Island-based business, Citizens.  Itau Unibanco has a market value of around £45bn and is currently assessing the takeover of Citizens – and its 1500 branches - to expand overseas.

Falkland oil to be explored by Argentina and Venezuela

The state oil giant PDVSA from Venezuela is proposing to explore oil around the Falkland Islands with Argentine counterpart YPF. PDSVA president Rafael Ramirez Carreno told a newspaper: "We discussed the need for oil and gas exploration in the territory and offshore areas, adjacent to the Falklands, but we have to analyze the costs and time.”

E-books more popular than paperbacks in UK

According to Amazon, Electronic book sales have overtaken printed versions with 114 e-books being sold for every 100 paperbacks. UK readers switched to e-books twice as fast as the US – Kindle EU vice-president Jorrit Van der Meulan is encouraged that it only took two years for UK readers to favour the Kindle. The switch to ebooks is good news for authors – Kindles allow self-publication and boost authors’ income as they avoid giving publishers a cut of their profits. Edinburgh–based Publisher Hugh Andrew is confident that paper books will keep a share of the market. As Amazon sells 80 percent of ebooks, it isn’t surprising or necessarily representative that their sales are higher. He sees an opportunity for positive change: “Paperbacks will undoubtedly change as a result. The cost of producing them will rise and at the same time they will become more carefully formatted and, ultimately, will probably become a much better product.”  

Every bank for itself as Libor scandal deepens

As an international investigation into the manipulation of interest rates threatens the reputation of many major banks, they are beginning to point the finger of blame at each other. Although most have taken responsibility for their own actions, they have also been pointing the finger at other banks in an effort to stress that “we’re not as bad as the next guy”.

Five Jihadists in Egypt-Israel border attack have been killed

Five gunmen responsible for killing 16 border-control guards from an armoured vehicle before crossing into Israel have been reported as dead by the Israeli army.

Syrian rebels bomb government owned television and radio station

An explosive device on the third floor of the building caused considerable damage, but killed nobody, with three people officially wounded. Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi told Syrian TV "Nothing will stop the voice of Syria," and that the attack was "desperate and cowardly".

Battle for Syria's main cities sees violence escalate

In recent days, rebel-held neighbourhoods in Aleppo have come under heavy shelling and sniper fire. The rebels, however, are trying to focus on quick hit and run attacks to maintain the city’s instability and loosen the government’s grip on the city. The fight for Aleppo, the country’s largest city, is considered to be a 'decisive battle' in the civil war.

U.S. aid Israel in missile shield upgrade

A new generation of missile defence technologies which are compatible with U.S. systems are being installed in Israel. The missile defence system, manufactured by Israel Aerospace industries and Boeing, is designed to destroy any missiles which threaten populated areas at an altitude which is high enough for non-conventional warheads to disintegrate safely in.
This latest missile defence upgrade comes as response to the Syria has threat of biological and chemical weaponry and the ever present threat of an Iranian nuclear ballistic missile strike.

NASA’s Curiosity rover lands on Mars to seek ingredients for life

The science rover Curiosity landed on the Martian surface last Sunday after an eight month journey. The $2.5bn most complex science rover will begin a two-year mission to seek life evidence in the Red Planet. The first goal will be studying Mars' Gale crater. Mission streaming is available on NASA’s Website.

Four-year silver probe set to be dropped

Following advice from two external consultants, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is highly likely to drop the investigation it started in September 2008. The investigation was initiated following accusations that the silver market was being manipulated. After scrutinising over 100,000 documents and interviewing many witnesses, the CFTC seems to have been unable to gather enough evidence to support the case.



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