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Scotland has 'no right' to hold an independence referendum claims 
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North Sea development to create over 1,200 jobs

A new development project in the North Sea is expected to create 1,235 new jobs in the UK. The Cygnus project, worth £1.4bn, will be spearheaded by Scottish Gas-owner Centrica as well as transnationals GDF Suez and Bayerngas. The Cygnus gas field is the sixth largest in the southern part of the North Sea and this development is due to provide one and a half million homes with gas during peak production, 5 percent of the UK’s total gas production.

Scottish parties benefit from coalition disagreement

It is being reported that the UK Lib Dems’ decision to not back Conservative constituency boundaries changes will be positive for Scottish MPs. Yesterday Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said his party would oppose the plans, as the government had broken their coalition agreement regarding Lords reform. This means many Scottish MPs who may have faced the axe are now safe.

Independence vote should be held in an “unchallengeable and moral basis,” Labour MP claims

A Scottish independence ballot should be held in “an unchallengeable legal and moral basis," Labour MP and the chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee Ian Davidson has said. He said "It is clear from our evidence that the Scottish parliament has no powers to hold either a binding or an advisory referendum on constitutional change,” and urged Westminster to use a section 30 order temporarily to extend Holyrood’s powers to hold a referendum in Autumn 2014.

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Scotland has ‘no right’ to hold referendum

A Labour-led Commons Scottish Affairs Committee has released a report suggesting that the Scottish government does not have the right to hold an independence referendum. The report claims that in setting up the Scottish parliament in 1997 the Scottish government surrendered such constitutional decisions to the UK parliament. Claims have followed that getting permission from the UK to hold the referendum may take years. The SNP insist that the government are legally entitled to hold a referendum.

SNP Youth opposes rethink on Nato proposal

Young Scots for Independence (YSI) are set to vote against the SNP leadership's proposal to ditch its long-standing opposition to Nato. The party's youth opposed to start waving in terms of policy to support the leadership proposal for the conference that SNP will celebrate next October. For YSI movement, Independence is “the only constitutional option” which makes get rid of the UK arsenal possible.

SNP clash with LibDems over future of Northern Isles

Two Highland and Island MSPs have criticised MP Alistair Carmichael following comments he made in March that the Northern Isles may choose to stay as a part of the UK should the 2014 referendum result in independence for Scotland. Jean Urquhart and Mike MacKenzie have argued that the Isles would benefit more in an independent Scotland than under Westminster rule. Urquhart, and SNP member for the Highlands and Islands, claimed that Mr Carmichael’s comments were reflective of “just how much Westminster MPs live in cloud cuckoo-land.”

Highers pass rate improves again amid accusations of dumbing down

Nearly 160,000 pupils across Scotland will receive their exam results today, while the proportion passing Advanced Highers and Standard Grades is also rising for the sixth year in a row. While young people’s greater academic results deserved are being celebrated, the Institute of Directors (IoD), which represents business leaders said qualifications were “at risk of being devalued”. The IoD and the Scottish Conservatives have expressed concern over how there can be a continuous rate of improvement every year.

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Coalition on the verge of breakup as Clegg and Cameron stay back to back

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced yesterday that he would no longer support plans to reform the Lords in the UK parliament, adding as a result he would also be instructing his MPs to oppose revised parliamentary boundaries. Labour said the announcement damaged the reputation for the Tory-led government and implied an unlikelihood for a second coalition with a Conservative majority at the next election.

British bank rejects allegations of trading with Iran

US regulators have accused Standard Chartered of concealing more than $250bn of transactions with Iran and breaching US sanctions. Company secretary Annemarie Durbin said that "The group strongly rejects the position or the portrayal of facts as set out in the order issued by the DFS," after the DFS branded Standard Chartered “a rogue bank”.

Dutch National Bank probes local banks

The Dutch National Bank (DNB) is checking what role, if any, that  local banks have had to play in the Libor Euribor rate fixing scandals. A spokesperson for DNB said that  "The Dutch National Bank is investigating, in cooperation with the financial markets authority, the possible manipulation of the Libor and Euribor contribution process,"

Syria: Mig jets bomb Aleppo

Two Soviet era Mig fighter jets have launched an air attack on the city of Aleppo. On Monday,  President Assad’s loyalists bombed a town just outside Aleppo in an effort to force the rebels back to the towns to protect their families. Dropping bombs on a schoolhouse which the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had been using as a central hub, the government jets destroyed civilian homes and resulted in the death of at least nine people including a nine year old girl. As Aleppo lies in destruction, the rebel FSA’s positive image is being tarnished as counter reports emerge of the maltreatment of civilian prisoners.

Egypt hunts for border checkpoint attackers

Although the Egyptian military are said to have killed 6 of the people involved in an attack that left sixteen border control personnel dead, it’s believed that there were approximately 35 people involved in the attack, with 29 of them still thought to be on the run. A statement released by the Egyptian armed forces branded the attackers as “enemies of the nation who must be dealt with by force".

New Zealand volcano erupts

Taking geologists by surprise, New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro volcano erupted yesterday. The volcano had been dormant since 1926 and although New Zealand’s north island is now under a huge cloud of ash there have been no reports of injuries.

ECB in dilemma as it eases pressure on Spain

The Euro has achieved its strongest position of the month in light of news that the European Central Bank (ECB) will ease pressure on Spain and Italy by buying bonds, but its own conditions of strict policy reform have put the ECB in a difficult position. As Erik Nielsen, chief economist at UniCredit, put it: “The ECB may be trotting into dangerous territory when they now insist on specific policy conditions before undertaking market operations”.



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