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Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to debate Scottish
independence with Alex Salmond on live TV

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Cameron shies away from live debate with Salmond on independence

While visiting Scotland and claiming that under independence defence jobs could be lost Mr Cameron now says that the independence debate is "for Scottish people to have themselves and to make a decision." Mr Cameron was referring to his decision not to have a live TV debate with Alex Salmond before next year's independence referendum. Today Mr Cameron will point to the nuclear posturing by North Korea as a reason why Britain needs to keep the Trident nuclear weapon's system based in Scotland.

Bankers blamed for 'catastrophic' HBOS failure

A newly published report has blamed banking executives for the collapse of HBOS bank. Former chairman Lord Stevenson and previous executives Andy Hornby and Sir James Crosby were heavily criticised by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards report. What was described as their "toxic" misjudgements were given as the reason the bank received a £20.5bn taxpayer bailout. Questions remain over how so many bankers from so many banks as well as so many regulators were guilty of 'misjudgements' instead of participating in systemic fraud and corruption. What is clear is that the Bank of England continues to provide liquidity to these financial institutions amidst concerns that another round of bailouts may be imminent. SNP Treasury Spokesperson Stewart Hosie said “The FSA delivered a stinging criticism of HBOS at the time but it was not only senior bank executives who failed the bank, but Labour’s tri-partite regulation in place at the time which allowed HBOS and other banks to engage in particularly risky investments...Alistair Darling has a lot to answer for. People are still paying the price of his legacy of economic mismanagement and the serious lapses in judgement that took place. We now know from what Mervyn King said that Mr Darling's dither and delay exacerbated the financial crisis, and led to even more jobs being lost.”

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Cameron intervenes in independence debate

Prime Minister David Cameron has intervened again in Scotland's independence referendum debate saying "The Scottish Nationalists may believe they have an advantage when it comes to arguments of the heart – Braveheart and all that. But I think we should be very proud of what the UK has achieved together." However Mr Cameron refuses to debate the matter on live TV with First Minister Alex Salmond saying that the debate is "a matter for Scottish voters".                     

Osborne: himself a benefit ‘scrounger’?

George Osborne is today facing criticism from disability campaigners after his car was pictured in a disabled bay on Wednesday. Richard Hawkes, chief executive of the disability charity Scope said: “This picture tells you everything about George Osborne’s toxic attitude to benefits”. "He talks about a broken system abused by scroungers – but has chosen to take advantage of it himself”. Ironically, the picture emerged yesterday after Mr Osborne had said that the case of child killer Mick Philpott should open up debate about the UK's benefits system – in the government's continuing attempt to divide and conquer the underprivileged. The cuts – many of which affect those with disabilities – is estimated to see over 660,000 households losing an estimated average of £14 a week.

Troika confiscation sparks fury in Cyprus

As it becomes clearer that many companies and individuals managed to get their money out of Cyprus banks before the Troika-enforced deposit confiscation, ordinary Cypriots are demanding answers. It has emerged that a firm connected to the family of President Nicos Anastasiadas moved money out of one of the distressed banks immediately before the banking system was shut down on March 15. With weeks to go before an official enquiry reports on the crisis the population, fearful of losing pensions and with tight withdrawal limits, is losing patience. There are signs that other nations are experiencing capital flight as Cyprus becomes increasingly viewed as a template for depositors to bail out insolvent banks. Many fear distressed UK banks will require further bailouts this year.

WikiLeaks cable reveals US strategy to destabilize Chavez government

A secret cable published by WikiLeaks apparently reveals how the former US ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, outlined a comprehensive plan to infiltrate and destabilize former President Hugo Chavez' government. Dated to November 2006 Brownfield, currently an Assistant Secretary of State, the document outlines five core objectives in Venezuela since 2004 including: “penetrating Chavez’ political base,” “dividing Chavismo,” “protecting vital US business” and “isolating Chavez internationally.” The memo appears to implicate the US embassy, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) in the conspiracy. There are now growing claims within Venezuela that President Chavez' death from cancer may have been related to his being poisoned.

Japan's bonds tank after latest QE initiative

The Japanese bond market plummeted to record lows as markets reacted to the latest QE (money printing) initiative by the Bank of Japan. At the same time Japanese futures plunged causing the Tokyo Stock Exchange to issue circuit breakers twice. Analysts are divided over the plunge with some attributing it to a reversal after recent excessive gains on the securities while others point to a loss in confidence in the yen.



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Cameron and the NoCrew just love to label Scottish Nationalism as a Braveheart and Flower of Scotland creed when it is a rather sophisticated and multifacetted concept. Of course, he (and his ragbag of Brits) can’t be bothered to deal with the reality of a movement which seeks authentic national renewal because he is little more than an average jobbing politician with a worldview to match. Besides, the wodepainted Braveheart and maudlin Flower of Scotland ethnicity we can certainly do without.
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