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Cap payday loans like an independent Scotland would, Salmond urges

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‘No’ campaign must answer questions on devolution, say lawyers

The 'no' campaign must provide detail on what devolution will be offered should Scots should they vote 'no' in next year's independence referendum, warns the Law Society of Scotland. The body which represents Scotland's lawyers ask for specific information. In a report which calls for information from the 'yes' camp, it also highlights the need for information from the 'no' campaign. It asks: “What powers would the Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Labour parties propose to devolve to the Scottish Parliament in the event of a ‘no’ vote?"

Salmond - Cap payday loan interest

EDINBURGH, The interest rates of payday loan companies should be capped by the UK government which regulates the UK credit market, warned First Minister Alex Salmond. Mr Salmond has previously said the payday firms would be subject to much more stringent regulation in an independent Scotland. The Church of Scotland has recently backed moves by the Church of England to expand the reach of credit unions to compete with the payday companies.


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Scottish independence: Benefits cap if Scots vote 'yes'

First Minister Alex Salmond has announced that there will be a cap on the amount of benefits households can claim after independence. Mr Salmond backed the principle of a benefits cap - ushered in as part of the current UK government's austerity programme - however he did not stipulate if the cap would be set at the £26,000 UK limit.

Scottish independence: Publish advice on EU, say lawyers

Ministers in both the Scottish and UK governments should publish legal advice they have received about Scotland's EU status post-independence, argues the Law Society of Scotland - the body which represents Scotland's solicitors. This would "help provide clarity for voters" when they vote in next year's crucial independence referendum. Debate has surrounded the issue of whether Scotland would automatically be an EU member or must apply for membership. However the media furore abated as it emerged that the UK will soon have an 'in-out' referendum on the EU.

Scots Catholic Church apology a landmark step

An apology to the victims of child abuse has been welcomed as a landmark in terms of the Church's attitude on the subject. After the Bishop of Aberdeen, Hugh Gilbert, issued the apology it was greeted with praise by victims of child abuse and experts. The apology relates to revelations over child abuse at the Fort Augustus Abbey in the highlands which had shamed the Church, said the Bishop. He said: he reportedly said: "It is a most bitter, shaming and distressing thing that in this former Abbey School a small number of baptised, consecrated and ordained Christian men physically or sexually abused those in their care."

Scots actor Peter Capaldi to be new Doctor Who

Star of the political satire The Thick of It, Peter Capaldi, will become the 12th Dr Who once Matt Smith leaves the show later this year. Capaldi, borne in Glasgow, joins Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant to push the number of Scots who have played the Time Lord to three.


UK crisis: More than 1 million on zero-hours contracts

A new survey has shown that the controversial zero-hours contracts - used by Buckingham Palace - are far more widespread than was previously thought. Figures from the survey, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), indicate that there could be over 1 million UK workers on zero-hour contracts - far more than UK government data formerly estimated. The poll which surveyed over 1,000 employers has prompted renewed calls for a government inquiry into the use of the contracts. The Office of national Statistics last week revised their estimate of the number of workers upwards by 25 percent to 250,000 showing a wide disparity between official figures and the new poll findings.

UK crisis: Bedroom Tax case debunked as families hit cannot be rehoused

New figures call into question the UK government's 'spare-room subsidy' logic behind its controversial bedroom tax policy after it emerged that as many as 96 percent of those affected have nowhere to move to. The controversial policy involved a reduction in housing benefit by 14 percent if they have one spare bedroom and 25 percent if they have two or more. However it has emerged that 19 out of 20 families who have been hit by the new rules are trapped in their larger houses because there is nowhere smaller available within local housing stock. The figures were released under a freedom of information request and have led to derision of the policy now widely described as a punishment of the poor.

UK crisis: Government accused of 'insulting' response to report on riots

The Westminster government's response to an independent panel's findings on the social unrest of 2011 has been described as 'appalling and totally inadequate'. Five people died during the four-day summer riots sparking calls for an inquiry which reported in March 2012 recommending 63 specific measures. The judge-led independent inquiry's recommendations have been ignored by the government according to critics who say the coalition have buried the findings thus 'insulting' the memory of those who died. The government's response was published two weeks ago with no press release.

Egypt: Morsi set to 'resign' in apparent admission of defeat

Allies of deposed President Mohamed Morsi are reportedly in negotiations which would allow Mr Morsi to officially "resign" his post by television. The deal would see him publicly hand over power to interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi and then be allowed to go into exile. Authorities are keen to limit violence in the nation which, commentators warn, could spiral into a civil war.

Assange launches Wikileaks party and condemns media and journalism

The media and journalists distort and invent the news according to Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. Still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Assange has via Skype questioned the role of the media and journalism while launching a Wikileaks political party. Watch the video here.


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