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Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner was detained at Heathrow
Airport under anti-terrorism legislation. Mr Greenwald wrote articles relating
to the NSA surveillance scandal and whistleblower Edward Snowdon

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Monday


Nurses warn of home care crisis

There are insufficient resources available to meet the needs of Scottish community patients warns the Royal College of Nursing Scotland. As the time nurses can spend with community patients is being cut there is now growing signs that patients are ending up in hospital which are struggling to deal with the demand. The problem is intensified as patients with family members looking after them instead of official carers do not qualify for bedroom tax exemption.

Scots jobs market boosted by employment jump

There has been an increase in the number of jobs and vacancies in Scotland according to new research. The Bank of Scotland report indicated a rise in permanent appointment although the quality of those jobs is not clear. It is also not clear if the new appointments relate to economic growth or short term stimulus however there is a profusion of bankers and politicians claiming that the uptick is a sign of economic recovery. There have been regular claims of recovery since 2009.

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(International news on currency union to inform the Scottish referendum debate)

Chief of new National Crime Agency quits post

Jeremy Outen, who was appointed to head up the UK's fight against financial crime, has quit his post, it is reported. The development comes after his tenure was announced as a coup by the UK government just four months ago. It is also reported that Mr Outen, a former KPMG forensic partner, may have stepped down in relation to his tax arrangements. The development comes only two weeks after Sir Ian Andrews resigned as chairman of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) after failing to declare he owned a security consultancy with his wife as required before he gave evidence to a parliamentary committee. The NCA and Soca will be merged later this year. Scotland’s Finance Secretary John Swinney recently described the UK’s financial regulatory system as a “solid framework”.


UK crisis: Recovery forecast amid growing 'business confidence'

The latest prediction of economic 'recovery' comes after the CBI which has forecast 1.2 percent 'growth' in 2013. The CBI represents 240,000 business, although few in Scotland, reports growing optimism in the services, construction and manufacturing services. It is unclear if the so-called 'growth' is genuine or a result of ongoing low interest rates and forms of quantitative easing by the Bank of England. With £12bn of mortgages also being subsidised by the taxpayer many economists put recent 'business confidence' down to short term stimulus paid for by debt which will have to be repaid and devaluing sterling thus boosting exports while driving up the cost of imports.

UK crisis: Greenwald's partner detained under Terrorism Act

The partner of the Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald, who wrote a series of articles relating to mass surveillance programmes undertaken by the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been detained at Heathrow airport. David Miranda was booked on a flight to Rio de Janeiro but was detained in what Keith Vaz MP described as 'extraordinary' circumstances. It is reported that he was held for nearly nine hours and had electronic equipment confiscated. Mr Greenwald has written articles on the Snowdon revelations relating to the US government's spying on citizens in the US and around the world. Campaigners argue that the move is sinister and aimed at intimidating anyone who exposes illegal surveillance activities by the Obama regime.

Egypt: 24 policemen 'executed' in minibus ambush

Violence continues in Egypt as security officials claim suspected militants ambushed police minibuses with rocket-propelled grenades in the city of Sinai. The area is located next to the Gaza Strip and Israel causing wider tensions across the region and internationally. 850 people have been killed since the military deposed President Mursi leading to fears that the nation of 90 million people could descend into civil war.


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