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Prime Minister David Cameron will not face First Minister Alex Salmond
face-to-face on tv for a live debate on independence

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Cameron avoids live independence debate with Salmond

Prime Minister David Cameron will not debate independence live on television with First Minister Alex Salmond according to government sources.  Mr Salmond released an open letter in which he challenged Mr Cameron to a live tv debate on the issues of next September's referendum however UK government sources dismissed the idea. In his letter Mr Salmond pointed out that as the Westminster government is heavily involved in securing a 'no' vote "the natural progression in these circumstances is a televised, head-to-head debate between you and me." Addressing the benefit of such a debate for the electorate, Mr Salmond added: "I can layout the case for decisions being made here in Scotland, and you can make the case for Westminster deciding for Scotland."

UK crisis: Business insolvencies set to explode

Businesses which could face insolvency have risen by as much as 108 percent or 227,000 since the financial crisis started according to financial health monitoring. Thousands of "zombie" firms employing 500,000 workers reportedly have liabilities greater than their assets meaning Britain could be facing an explosion of insolvencies. As ordinary consumers have less disposable income and as lower interest rates destroy company savings used to invest in new products, firms face vastly reduced profits as they cut prices to stay afloat and do not participate in developing the next generation of consumer services.

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UK crisis: Energy and food prices above official inflation rate

British Gas will introduce a hike in prices of up to 10 percent for millions of UK families it is reported. The announcement expected next month comes after it has emerged that food prices at 3.9 percent are rising far above the official rate of inflation of 2.7 percent impacting drastically on the average standard of living especially for poor people who spend a larger percentage of their income on food. With some staples rising rapidly such as apples, up 36 percent in single year, many citizens in the UK are desperately turning to foodbanks as wages fail to keep up with real inflation and the UK becomes a low wage economy with 'zero-hours' contracts and more jobs dependent on the survival of an increasing number of firms which are technically insolvent.

Germany: Merkel wins third term

Angela Merkel has won a third term in power after the German electorate rewarded her Christian Democratic Union party with 41.5 percent of the vote. Ms Merkel's party fell short of a majority in the German parliament by just five seats. Many observers across Europe have suggested that problems with the euro have been swept under the carpet until after the German elections and so are expecting the problems to now resurface along with austerity politics and problems with the EU itself.

Pope condemns idolatry of money

Pope France, addressing an audience in Cagliari in Italy, has called for the world to have an economic system with people at its heart rather than "an idol called money" arguing for complete reform of the financial system.

Syria: Al-Qaeda leader reported killed

According to a tweet by the Al Aribiya news outlet, the leader of the united al-Qaeda branches of Syria and Iraq has been killed. The majority of the US-backed 'rebels' fighting the Syrian government are affiliated to al-Qaeda and are foreign and so the news will be viewed by President Assad's government as a major success in the conflict.

World on the precipice warns global economic experts

According to international currency expert Jim Rickards and global investment guru Dr Marc Faber, policies pursued by the US Federal Reserve are threatening to unravel the global economic system. Mr Faber, who advises governments and the richest people in the world, says that key figures in the US Federal Reserve "are holding the world hostage" while Mr Rickards, who has advised the US government, intelligence and military on the security implications of currency wars, warned in relation to Federal Reserve policies: "We’re witnessing one of the greatest failed experiments in economic history."


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