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Experts now claim that North Sea oil will last over 100 years,
according to a report in The Telegraph

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Monday


Scotland's North Sea oil will last 100 years
North Sea oil industry analysts now say that the North Sea will continue to provide oil for 100 years which is twice as long as previous estimates, reports The Telegraph. Dr Richard Pike, a former oil industry consultant and currently the Royal Society of Chemistry's chief executive said: ""Rather than only getting 20 to 30 billion barrels [from the North Sea] we are probably looking at more than twice that amount." The Telegraph also reports that petroleum experts believe there are 300 fields off the coast of Britain still to be explored and tapped properly. Dr Pike argues that the industry has not released this information before due to commercial secrecy.

Northern England gets high-speed rail link but not Scotland
The UK government has announced that high-speed rail links will span northern England but not Scotland. With the UK government arguing that the scheme is a "a vital engine for growth" the SNP have heavily criticised the failure to connect Scotland arguing that “There is an undeniable economic case to connect Scotland to the rest of the UK and the continent... Although Westminster has announced it will extend the line to Manchester this is not far enough and they have still failed to give any concrete guarantees that HS2 will come north of the border and that is unacceptable.”

More Scottish news:

Scotland's public sector pensions financing tobacco and arms companies
Without realising it public sector workers in Scotland are supporting tobacco and arms producers to the tune of £220mn. The Herald newspaper has reported that Scottish councils have invested in tobacco companies and the world's leading arms producers which trade everything from rocket launchers to F-16 fighter jets. The paper reports that the Strathclyde Pension Fund which has an £11bn budget, has £44m invested in big tobacco firms and £26.6m in major arms companies.

UK-Ireland energy agreement exposes anti-independence 'scaremongering'
The signing of a cross-border energy agreement has exposed 'scaremongering' by anti-independence politicians over the future of Scotland’s renewables industry. The SNP argue Scotland will have no problem exporting energy post-independence: “Scotland is already in the position of exporting a significant amount of energy to our neighbours and this role will only continue to grow and develop with the powers of an independent Scotland...With Ireland signing a memorandum of understanding to export green energy to the UK, it shows that cooperation between countries to meet their energy needs is both normal and desirable."

SNP rejoice at latest Holyrood opinion poll
A new opinion poll shows that the SNP continues to retain the commanding in popularity among Scots which saw it win a landslide majority in the last Holyrood election. The Panelbase survey shows that in the constituency vote the SNP are on 45 percent, well ahead nearest rivals Labour on 33 percent. In the regional vote the SNP retains a 13 percent lead while the Greens have overtaken the LibDems who languish on just 5 percent.


Cameron will use EU reforms to weaken working rights, warns TUC
Frances O'Grady, leader of the Trades Union Congress, has called on unions across Europe to resist David Cameron's repatriation plan claiming it is a strategy aimed at attacking workers' rights. David Cameron has pledged an in-out referendum on EU membership - the issue adds a layer of complexity to Scotland's independence referendum with many Scots who wish to remain in the EU now sceptical over whether the Union with England offers that guarantee.

Iceland wins case against Britain and Netherlands
Iceland has won a case brought against it by the British and Dutch governments after an alleged failure to repay savers in an Icelandic bank which collapsed in 2008. Iceland did not break deposit protection laws according to the European Free Trade Association court. Iceland's economy is now thriving after the nation refused to bail out private bank debts. The nation is held up as a model to those nations which bailed out banks and now face steep austerity and economic decline as a consequence.

US preparing for 'surgical' strikes against Iran, claims Israel
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed yesterday that the US has prepared "sophisticated" plans for a 'surgical' military operation to delay Iran's nuclear program. The US's own intelligence agencies deny there is any threat of a Iran having an advanced nuclear weapons' programme. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also claimed that Israel must prepare for a chemical attack from Syria.

Arab Spring II as Mursi imposes 30-day curfew
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy has declared a limited state of emergency and indicated more of such measures may be imminent: Mr Mursi said an a speech aired to tv "I will act, and now I am acting," President Mursi has imposed a 30-day curfew in Port Said, Ismailia and Suez. Under his order, people in those areas cannot go out between 9pm - 6am. CNN reports that there are 38 deaths and 415 injuries so far in Port Said.

Attacking Syria is attacking Iran, warns Tehran
An Iranian official has warned that any attack on its ally Syria will be treated by Iran as an attack on itself. Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted by Iran's semiofficial Mehr news agency as saying: "For this same reason, (an) attack on Syria is considered (an) attack on Iran and Iran's allies." 60,000 people are estimated to have died since western-backed insurgents along with Al-queda began a military campaign against the Syrian government.

Preserve CIA prisons for evidence, ask torture lawyers
The legal representatives for alleged 9/11 conspirators who claim they were tortured have requested a military judge to preserve the prisons as evidence. Today marks the start of pretrial hearings of a war crimes tribunal at the notorious US Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba.


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