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First Minister Alex Salmond has attempted to keep hopes alive of a 'yes'
vote by claiming the referendum campaign is still in its "phoney war" phase

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Monday


Scottish independence: UK government claims 'no' vote in the bag

Senior sources within the UK coalition government believe they have already won the referendum on Scottish independence and that the only issue is how small the 'yes' vote will be by then, it has been reported. Recently, Whitehall sources compared both camps as "professionals versus amateurs". First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed that the current debate is only a "phoney war" and that opinion polls will be turned around in the run up to the vote. Privately some independence supporters not aligned to the SNP have told Scottish Times they are pessimistic over the 'yes' campaign's potential in the election.

Project Fear Update: UK may stop buying energy from Scotland

The UK energy secretary , Ed Davey, has claimed that should Scots vote for independence, the UK may source energy imports from other countries instead of Scotland. The claims will viewed by Nationalists as further attempts to intimidate and blackmail Scots into voting "no".

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Salmond reveals writers will help draft white paper on independence

First Minister Alex Salmond announced over the weekend that famous Scottish writers will be asked to help write the Scottish government's white paper on independence so that is can "resonate down through the ages". Mr Salmond claims the white paper, due for publication in the autumn, will furnish the electorate with details relating to independence policy plans.

School meals chicken imported in 6 Scottish cities

There is no Scottish-sourced chicken in school meals in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Glasgow or Edinburgh research undertaken by the Scottish Greens has revealed. Using FoI (Freedom of Information) requests, the Greens discovered that local authorities in Scotland, with the exception of Stirling, did not serve Scottish chicken. Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and food spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said: “Councils are under pressure to award contracts on cost rather than make choices that would have positive impacts for the local economy and animal welfare. The Scottish Government's food policy is too focused on exporting whisky and salmon and needs to do more to get local food used in meals bought with public money.”


Keep UK in European Union campaign group launches manifesto

A campaign group which aims to stop the UK leaving the EU has launched its manifesto called 'Better off in a Better Europe'. The cross-party group includes leading politicians such as Ken Clarke, Danny Alexander and Lord Mandelson who argue that leaving the EU would be a "historic error". Should Scotland vote 'no' in next year's referendum they could find themselves cut off from the EU impacting on jobs, business and emigration rights.

UK crisis: overcharging 'scam' costs NHS millions

Drugs companies are using a legal loophole pushing up the price of essential medicines by 2,000 percent costing the taxpayer tens of million every year, according to The Independent newspaper. Big-pharma companies are circumventing the government's price-regulation scheme by selling the drugs to firms not involved in the scheme before they are then resold to the NHS at exorbitant expense to the taxpayer. The British Medical Association has expressed outrage and warned that patients may denied drugs because of the expense involved. One drug used by epileptics had its price increased 24 times the original price.

UK firm accused by Chinese of being "ringleader" in bribery scandal

UK big-pharma firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been accused by Chinese police of being the “ringleader” in a scandal involving deals valued at around half a billion dollars, it is reported. GSK is accused of using travel agencies and consultancies to bribe doctors and lawyers in order to generate increased sales and profits.

Spain: illegal party-funding row reaches Rajoy

The illegal party-funding scandal which has engulfed the ruling Partido Popular (PP) has now implicated Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy via text messages uncovered by Spanish newspaper El Mundo (The World). The opposition is calling for Rajoy's immediate resignation while it appears the text will be published in tranches.

Massive Russian military drill may be related to Israeli bombing

A Russian military drill involving naval forces, strategic bomber aircraft, missile-defence teams, tactical and strategic missiles, infantry and armoured vehicles has been undertaken in Russia's far east, it has been reported. The exercise includes 160,000 soldiers, 130 aircraft and 70 naval vessels - the exercise is classified as the largest of its kind in the post-Soviety era. The exercise comes after 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles located at the Syrian port-city of Latakia were allegedly destroyed by Israeli submarine missiles. Should the Russians react to the assault on their interests, it expected that western politicians and media will respond with outrage at Russia's provocation. It is reported that President Putin may personally participate in the drill.


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