News in Scotland - Monday

Yes Scotland Chairman Dennis Canavan has received support for his call
to have a referendum on keeping the monarchy after independence

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Monday

SNP 18% poll lead over Labour

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has registered 48 percent in the latest Holyrood opinion poll surpassing the national support for all the parties backing a 'no' vote in next year's independence referendum. The Panelbase survey commissioned by Sunday Times / Real Radio Scotland shows that on the constituency vote the SNP is 18 percent ahead of Labour on 30 percent and in the regional vote the party has a commanding 23 percent lead over Labour on 25 percent. Voting analysis undertaken by the website shows that converted into seats at Holyrood the SNP would increase its 2011 Holyrood majority and take the seat of Labour's Scottish leader Johann Lamont. 

Support for referendum on monarchy growing

There is increasing support within independence supporters to back a referendum on the future of the monarchy in Scotland post-independence. The call championed by the chairman of the 'yes' campaign, Dennis Canavan, is supported by Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie and independent Margo MacDonald among others including Robin McAlpine of the Jimmy Reid Foundation and Jonathon Shafi, co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign. Many campaigners believe that the future of the monarchy should be part of discussions in drawing up the post-independence Scottish constitution instead of being parked until after independence which is the view of the SNP government.

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Poll shows Greens would overtake LibDems at Holyrood

According to the latest opinion poll the Scottish Greens would overtake Willie Rennie's LibDems in terms of seats at the Scottish parliament. Voting analysis of the Panelbase poll by shows that the Liberal Democrats with 4 percent on both the constituency and regional vote would return just 3 MSPs. By contrast with the Greens expected to win 6 percent on the regional vote they would be expected to pick up 5 seats at Holyrood (+3).

UK crisis: Serious Fraud Office to be given £2bn for Barclays probe

The UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is expected to be awarded 'blockbuster' funding to finance a probe into emergency funding received by Barclays five years ago, according to reports. The SFO previously negotiated special funding for its investigation into Libor manipulation which also involves Barclays.

Egypt: Protesters warned of "decisive" action if pose threat

Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have been warned by the National Defence Council that should their demonstrations be considered a threat they will face "decisive" action. The protests have been led by the Muslim Brotherhood have seen dozens killed across the nation in violent clashes. The council has called on Morsi loyalists to "immediately announce their clear and categorical rejection of violence in all forms, and the immediate cessation of violence, terrorism and the verbal and physical abuse of citizens".

Peace talks on as Israel releases 104 Palestinians

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that a majority of his cabinet have agreed on the release of 104 Palestinian prisoners. The move is expected to facilitate the resumption of direct peace talks after a three-year breakdown.

80% Of US adults near poverty, on benefits or unemployed, survey reveals

A new survey has shown the extend of the economic depression in the United States with pessimism among the 'white' population its highest since at least 1987. The Associated Press survey comes as the US is expected to experience a 3 percent increase in GDP. According to FT, new changes in methodology which includes counting spending on research, development and copyrights as 'investment' are expected to show a collosal jump in output resulting in a 3 percent increase in GDP.


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