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Russian President Vladimir Putin has signalled that Russia is ready to
respond should the USA go through with an attack on Syria


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Glasgow's steep decline continues as a UK regional city

A new survey has shown that Glasgow is the workless capital of the UK with as many as 30.2 percent of households out of work. The study conducted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that despite claims by politicians and journalists that there is a recovery that Glasgow is firmly in a depression. The Scottish Conservatives argue that those out of work in Glasgow should move to where there are jobs such as Aberdeen however uprooting families without the skilled labour required for Scotland's North Sea oil boom seems to some commentators to be somewhat specious and reactionary. In the 1980's the Conservative Party admitted to having a policy of diminishing the power and influence of Glasgow and historians point to the lack of governmental industrial policy for Glasgow which had to cope with the rapid decline of shipbuilding and heavy industry. UK policy has, according to many historians, been focused entirely on London.

Independence: Glasgow Council refused loans due to referendum

Labour-run Glasgow City Council has claimed that it has been refused routine loans by two English councils who are refusing to enter loan arrangements which span beyond the date of the referendum, it has been reported. The loans worth £10mn have been refused and will impact on what it described as its "ambitious building programme".

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'Anti-Gaelic' prejudice blamed for shooting

Less than a day after a bilingual road sign was erected in Caithness it was shot at by a gunman raising fears that an 'anti-Gaelic' extremist was to blame. Local councillor Alex MacLeod warned that the incident may have been motivated by anti-Gaelic sentiment which he claims is exhibited by a "vocal and nasty minority" who spread hatred and ignorance in relation to Scotland's oldest tongue. Nations are often defined by their cultural diversity and so antipathy towards Gaelic has often been attributed to a tendency to characterise Scotland as a region. The marginalisation of the Gaels has a long history in Scotland. Gaelic-only speaking children have until recently been forced to go to English-medium schools and the Gaelic communities suffered mass depopulation and were sacrificed disproportionately by the British government in both world wars.

Green Investment Bank failing Scotland

Despite being headquartered in Edinburgh the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has not been investing in Scottish projects because it claims "profitable" projects are difficult to source in Scotland. Concerns abound that the bank was headquartered in Scotland as a publicity exercise related to the referendum however the real decision-taking powers are based in London with Edinburgh being the effective back office.


UK crisis: Westminster MPs accessing porn sites in parliament

More than 300,000 attempts to access porn sites were made in the Houses of Parliament in the last year averaging around 820 attempts each day, it has been revealed. The revelations come after former US presidential candidate John McCain was caught playing online poker for play money during the Congressional debate on attacking Syria.

Russia gaining influence at expense of US as Georgia ponders Eurasion Union

Georgia's Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has said his country is considering joining Armenia in joining Russia's new Eurasian Union. The Eurasion Union is a plan which aims to create a bloc of former Soviet republics with the objective of launching in 2015 and creating a counterbalance to the EU and Nato. Recently, Jordan refused to allow the US access to its territory as part of its preparations to bomb Syria.

Putin threatens Obama over Syria action

In advance of the G20 summit in St Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signalled that he is ready to take action should the US go through with military action in Syria. The G20 meeting appears set to be a showdown between both leaders with Putin threatening to supply Syria with a missile shield should the US attack without UN endorsement. Putin recently stated that claims the chemical attacks inside Syria where conducted by the President Assad's forces were "utter nonsense".

Al-Qaeda developing anti-drone strategy, claim US officials

Engineers are being recruited by al-Qaeda in order to develop a strategy to counter the impact of US drones, warns US intelligence organisations. Engineer cells have been developed to investigate methods of shooting down, interfering with signals or intercepting the drones which have officially killed around 3,000 people some of whom are militants. In Syria, al-Qaeda affiliates are heavily involved in the US-backed insurgency against President Assad.


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The decline of Glasgow is iconic of Scotland’s decline under the heal of unionism.
The Yes campaign must take off the kid gloves and inflict real pain on this destructive system. If by some freak chance the unionists win next september the leaders of the SNP and the Yes campaign might consider having their bags packed for a sojourn outside the country. With further evidence that this system is poison, a largely self-administered poison, we must not fail.
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