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Johann Lamont has accused Alex Salmond of "cooking the books" over
student numbers

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Salmond "cooking the books" on student numbers, claims Lamont

The leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Johann Lamont, today said First Minister Alex Salmond "graduated with honours in cooking the books". The accusation - made during first minister’s questions, was a reference to Mr Salmond's assertion that there is a record number of full-time students in Scotland's higher education sector. Ms Lamont said that since 2007, when Labour were last in power at Holyrood, the number of women attending colleges had falled by 77,000 and that the number of adults with no qualifications doing college courses had fallen by almost 60,000. Mr Salmond replied saying that across the sector the numbers had risen and that his government's priority was full-time courses which lead to jobs.

Call centre creates 1000 new jobs in Scotland

French firm Teleperformance will provide up to 1,000 new permanent jobs in Scotland which will take the company's total Scottish workforce to over 4,000. First Minister Alex Salmond announced the firm's recruitment of service advisors, trainers and team managers at First Minister's Questions today at Holyrood. The expansion was supported with £2.9mn in Regional Selective Assistance investment and will boost activities at plants across the central belt.

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UK spy agency faces legal challenge over privacy breaches

The UK's spy agency, GCHQ, is facing a legal challenge in the European courts over accusations that it has breached the privacy of millions of people in the UK and Europe through its surveillance programmes. The development comes after the US whistleblower Edward Snowdon leaked files which showed the US's NSA and the UK's equivalent were using surveillance technologies on web and phone networks to gather vast amounts of private data which the campaigners believe violates rights of privacy.

US government shutdown in third day

The US budget stand-off has entered its third day with American citizens seemingly blaming the Republicans for the impasse in which many government services have ceased operating. It is reported that an attempt to reach a compromise between Republicans and the White House was flatly refused by President Obama. Republicans are under pressure to pass the budget as voters increasingly believe that they are attempting to defeat Obamacare rather than enforce fiscal restraint to prevent escalating government debt. President Obama has sought to convince Americans that the issue is about blocking Obamacare. He said: "This whole thing is about one thing: The Republican obsession with dismantling the Affordable Care Act[...]The government's now shut down, but the ACA is still open for business. So they're not even accomplishing what they said they want to accomplish."


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