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The real face of Scottish bard Robert Burns is revealed for the
first time

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Thursday


Scottish independence: support for change overwhelming
A newly released survey has said 67 percent of Scots want the Scottish parliament to either make all decisions for Scotland (35%), or it should make all decisions apart from defence and foreign affairs (32%). The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, which was conducted last year, did not ask a straight yes/no question on independence.

MSPs should increase scrutiny over Police Scotland
A new Holyrood committee tasked with holding the newly established Police Scotland to account has been proposed by MSPs. The proposals follow a public row between the new Chief Constable Steve House and the Scottish Police Authority Chairman Vic Emery.

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40 bottles of whisky exported every second
The Scotch whisky industry has said it exported 40 bottles per second in 2011 and it is now Scotland’s largest international export valued at £5bn. The Scottish government has been advised it can tax the water used in the whisky distilling process and so raise money for Scottish public services.

Irn-Bru may shed 5oo jobs while income hits £253mn before merger
Irn-Bru maker AG Barr increased revenues rise to over £250m last year. The  news comes as the company will be sold to English competitor Britvic plc, putting over 250 jobs at risk.

Face of Robert Burns revealed
The real face of Robert Burns can now be shown for the first time using the latest 3D technology. An TV documentary showed the face of Scotland's most famous bard. Professor Caroline Wilkinson of Dundee University and her team used forensic technology to render as accurate a reconstruction of the poet's head as is possible.


EU referendum: Cameron faces threats on multiple fronts
Prime Minister David Cameron is gambling with the UK's economic future after he promised a in-out referendum on EU membership yesterday (Wednesday). Opposition parties have warned of years of economic uncertainty facing business while EU leaders also complained that the development could undermine confidence in the EU and the euro. With an independence referendum in Scotland next year, Scots will now face the choice becoming independent or staying in a UK under the threat of an EU exit.

Spain unemployment rate hits 26%
Unemployment in Spain hit 26.02 percent in the last quarter of 2012. Youth unemployment is estimated at 56.5 percent. President Rajoy's Partido Popular party also now faces widespread discontent over corruption allegations.

Syria: Russia pledges support for refugees in Lebanon
Russia has pledged financial and humanitarian support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Since insurgents backed by both Al-Qaeda and Western powers ignited military confrontation with President Assad’s government, some 218,000 refugees have poured into neighbouring Lebanon.

Israel could face trial in ICC
Israel will be taken to the international criminal court (ICC) if they continue building settlements in occupied areas near Jerusalem, the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki has warned. Mr Malki said permitting Jewish settlers into the 'E1 zone' would be "trespassing the red lines".

North Korea Vows Nuclear Test
North Korea is preparing a nuclear test which may be targeted at the USA, according to reports from South Korea. Pyongyang plans to undertake a fresh nuclear test only two days after UN sanctions were increased against the Communist nation for launching a rocket in December. In a statement broadcast by the KCNA news agency, North Korea's National Defence Commission threatened a "full-fledged confrontation" against the US in retaliation for what it called hostilities in against them in the region.

Japan crisis deepens as trade deficit skyrockets
Japan has logged a record trade deficit in 2012. With fuel imports rising and exports to Europe down the world's third largest economy has also been hurt by a diplomatic row with China which has seen exports to China fall by 50 percent. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week stoked tensions over ownership of islets in the East China Sea. The two Asian nations have seen military tensions raised over the issue.


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