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Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said that Scottish independence is
"dead in the water"

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Thursday


Scottish independence: Scots advised to 'consider own currency'
A leading professor of economics will advise Scots to prepare to adopt an independent currency in readiness for a yes vote in next year's referendum. Prof John Kay, a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, argues that an independent Scottish government would find it difficult to negotiate an agreement with England that would confer appropriate fiscal independence as part of a 'sterling zone'. Prof Kay, a former member of the Scottish government's council of economic advisers will state: "The currency issue is crucial - Scotland would be right to seek agreement on monetary union with the remaining United Kingdom, but it would be difficult to negotiate an agreement that would be consistent with the fiscal freedom sought through independence...Scotland should be ready to adopt an independent currency."

Farage: Scottish independence is “dead in the water”
Scottish nationalism is a fraud, Nicola Sturgeon is out of her depth and the Scottish government's campaign for independence is "dead in the water" – Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party told the Herald newspaper in an interview. He says now this has been "exposed" UKIP can make progress in Scotland on the "far bigger" constitutional issue of the UK's relationship with Brussels – with support for the party in Scotland around 9 percent. An SNP spokesman said: "Mr Farage's outburst is wrong and irrelevant. While UKIP is dictating the terms of the European debate south of the Border – with the Tories threatening to drag us out of the EU– Mr Farage and his colleagues have never moved beyond the far fringes of Scottish politics”.

More Scottish news:

Full extent of waiting times scandal
Public trust in NHS waiting times is at an all time low due to falsified figures and must be restored by the Scottish government and health boards, according to a new report. Audit Scotland's investigation revealed deliberate manipulation of waiting list figures in NHS Lothian in relation to social background. The watchdog’s report focuses on the use of “social unavailability codes”, which increased from 11 percent of patients on the waiting list in 2008 to more than 30 percent in mid-2011. They then began to fall after the manipulation of waiting lists in NHS Lothian was discovered.

Pendant of noble killed by Robert Bruce found in field
A historic pendant belonging to one of Scotland’s famous noblemen has been discovered by a metal detector enthusiast in what he described as “the find of a lifetime.” The seven century old artefact is believed to have belonged to Sir John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, who was stabbed to death by his rival to the Scottish throne, Robert the Bruce, in 1306. Sir John, also known as the Red Comyn, was the son of one of many contenders to the Scottish throne following the death of Alexander III and his granddaughter, the Maid of Norway.


UK crisis: Conservatives accused of cash for access
The Conservatives have been accused of taking cash for access to the heart of government, after it emerged that 19 donors attended private dinners with the prime minister, the chancellor and other senior ministers between September and December last year. The benefactors, including some Tory peers and several business leaders gave between £2,500 and £250,000 each in the last three months of the year, adding up to more than £700,000. They included Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, the City financier and party treasurer Michael Farmer, and JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford.

Detective attempted murder charged revealed in Pistorius case
The lead detective, in charge of the Oscar Pistorius investigation, has been dropped from the case after it emerged he is facing seven charges of attempted murder for allegedly firing shots at a minivan in 2011, it has emerged today. South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority has said that police have no choice but to drop Hilton Botha from the case. The news of his removal came as Pistorius returned to a Pretoria courthouse for the second day of his bail hearing.

Austerity consequences: thousands strike over cuts in Greece
Tens of thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets of Athens and other cities as part of a nationwide strike against austerity. The two biggest labour unions brought much of crisis hit Greece to a standstill with a 24 hour protest strike against policies which they say deepen the hardship of people struggling through the country's worst peacetime downturn. Representing 2.5 million workers, the unions have been striking regularly since a debt crisis erupted in late 2009, testing the government's will to impose the conditions of an international bailout in the face of growing public anger.

Russia and Arab League propose Syria talks
Russia and the Arab League say they want to broker direct talks between the Syrian government and opposition in a bid to end the country's civil war. The move comes as the opposition Syrian National Coalition is due to begin a two day meeting in Egypt to discuss a framework for a possible solution. Russia is a key ally of Syria, still supplying arms to the Damascus government. Moscow, together with China, has opposed moves at the UN to place sanctions on President Assad's leadership. Some 70,000 people have died since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in March 2011, the UN says.

Chinese media dismiss US hacking claims
Chinese media have voiced suspicion regarding the US government's motives after a report by US-based security firm Mandiant linked the Chinese military to cyber-attacks on US firms. The China Daily and Global Times state that they suspect America's high-profile concerns over a China cyber threat are aimed at building its own cyber force: "China needs to pay close attention to the US moves to build a cyber-army. If the US hype about a China hacker threat really does include plans to upgrade its cyber warfare capability, China should respond quickly and resolutely," Global Times stressed.


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