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The UK faces a new financial and economic crisis, warns Bank of England

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Attempt to stifle debate on Iraq and Trident by ‘no’ to independence parties fails
Labour, Tory and Lib Dem MSPs have attempted to stifle debate on Trident nuclear weapons and the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war in the Scottish parliament. Trident was debated in the last parliament, and Iraq was debated twice ten years ago in the run up to the war. 'No' to independence parties however failed in their attempt to shut down the debate despite acknowledgement from the UK government when the Scotland Act was passed at Westminster in 1998 that the Scottish parliament can debate any matter it chooses.

Scottish independence: Bank of England warns of another UK financial crisis
The Bank of England has warned that the UK now faces another financial and economic crisis. The Bank of England warned today (Thursday) that the next stage of Britain's six-year financial and economic crisis may soon be triggered by the failure of debt-laden companies procured by private equity firms during the boom years before the crash. The Bank's warning will fuel the independence debate in Scotland as Scots face the prospect of further economic and social crisis should they vote 'no' and remain with the Union.

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Scottish independence: many Scots to face food banks if they vote 'no'
The UK's economic crisis has led to a massive increase in Britain's poor in need of food banks to survive. As campaigners warn that Westminster's austerity programme will worsen the situation, Scotland's 'no' to independence parties face a struggle to explain the benefits of remaining inside the Union. "We are giving away over half a tonne of food every week at the moment, just here in Norwood. Over Christmas we gave away three tonnes in three days," said Elizabeth Maytom, who runs the Norwood and Brixton food bank at St. Luke's reports AFP. Anti-independence parties have advanced their case based on the economic case for Union but with austerity and food banks now ravaging a steeply declining British economy and with the UK having lost its AAA status, the 'yes' camp is now thought to be developing a strategy of warning Scots of the dangers to jobs and family wellbeing if they vote 'no'.

Hammond to taunt SNP with "Join the Navy and see the Clyde" jibe
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is expected to outline why he believes independence will reduce job opportunities for Scots in the military in a speech in Edinburgh today. In a sarcastic jibe at the 'yes' parties Mr Hammond suggested the SNP's promise of maintaining 15,000 service personnel in Scotland was like saying: "Join the Navy and see the Clyde". The development comes after it emerged that the UK government reneged on a promise to relocate thousands of military personnel to Scotland. SNP defence spokesman, Angus Robertson MP commented: “It was too much to hope that on one of his very rare visits to Scotland Philip Hammond might want to explain why the coalition reneged on all its commitments in the basing review last week .  He should have seen it as an opportunity to apologise for the broken promises and u-turns made over the deployment of up to 7,000 troops which turned into just 600."


Labour peer, Lord Ahmed, suspended after blaming jail sentence on 'Jewish conspiracy'
A UK Labour peer was suspended by his party today after he blamed a jail sentence he received - after being found guilty of dangerous driving - on a Jewish 'plot'. He said pressure was applied on the courts by Jews "who own newspapers and TV channels" to deliver a more severe sentence than was warranted by the offence. Lord Ahmed claims that his "Jewish friends" were unhappy about his visit to Gaza and his support for Palestinians.

Pope Francis emerges to lead the world's Roman Catholics
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected as the new leader of the Catholic Church making him the first non-European pope in 1292 years. Pope Francis, 76, is also the first Latin American pontiff. While the Catholic Church remains wealthy the majority of the world's Catholics, many in South America, remain in poverty. How Pope Francis deals with this issue will mark his papacy.

Iran increases military support to Syria, claim Western diplomats
Military sanctions imposed by the UN on Syria are being increasingly violated by Iran, Western diplomats have anonymously told Reuters. Iran, a key ally of President Assad, has been increasing its military support in the government's struggle with Western-backed insurgents which fight alongside Al-Qaeda forces. Meanwhile Russia has warned the UK not to arm rebels as reports suggest both the UK and France may be set to interfere militarily in the conflict. Western sponsors of the insurgents have claimed that Russia is giving military support to Assad and using this pretext as a justification for intervention. Since the Western-backed insurgents sparked the conflict hundreds of thousands of refugees have been displaced.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un oversees military drill near disputed islands
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has supervised an artillery drill near a disputed sea border with South Korea according to state news agency KCNA. The border is viewed as a likely flashpoint between the North and South should conflict arise. North Korea has threatened a nuclear attack against the United States in reaction to UN sanctions and to retaliate after South Korea and the United States held military drills which the North views as provocative.


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