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First Minister Alex Salmond has said that an independent Scotland would,
unlike Westminster, have supported military intervention in Syria

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Tuesday


Salmond: Independent Scotland would have backed military action in Syria

First Minister Alex Salmond has said that an independent Scotland, unlike the UK, would not have rejected military action against Syria. Mr Salmond pointed to the support of Scottish MPs in Westminster - for the principle of military action had UN weapons' inspectors found that chemical weapons had been used - as indicative of the view an independent Scotland would take on the matter. Mr Salmond pointed to the refusal of the Commons to back action which is sanctioned by the United Nations as unfortunate.

Scottish tax service to be announced by Salmond

The SNP government have completed a plan to turn Revenue Scotland into a tax authority responsible for collecting taxes which are devolved to the Holyrood parliament in accordance with the Scotland Act. The legislation enshrining the new body in law will form part of Alex Salmond's programme for government in advance of next year's independence referendum.


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Osborne accused of 'rank hypocrisy' over North Sea oil

Scotland's Finance Secretary John Swinney has accused UK chancellor George Osborne of "rank hypocrisy" over his claim that the UK has provided certainty for Scoland's oil industry by making provisions for tax breaks over the coming years. Mr Swinney said: “It was Mr Osborne’s decision in 2011 to place a hugely damaging £2bn tax raid on oil companies that put investment on hold[...] His credibility in the North-east is in tatters.”

Call for volunteers to transcribe historic records of Scotland

Thousands of volunteers are being sought in order to assist in the transcription of over a million online records relating to Scotland's past. The crowd-sourcing project will look at over a million records relating to Scottish people and places between 1645 and 1880 including handwriting in Scots and Gaelic relating to taxes and surveys. The mission is to come to a better understanding of Scottish culture and life during the period. The transcriptions will be uploaded to the website.


UK crisis: Government incompetence costing taxpayers billions over aircraft carriers

The UK's aircraft carrier programme is "high risk" with costs in danger of spiralling out of control according to Westminster MPs. The MPs have expressed concern that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has lost control of the project which was supposed to deliver two carriers between 2016-18 and cost £3.65bn however projections now point to a spend of £5.5bn with delivery now unlikely for over the next decade.

Syria: Putin and Obama vie for upper-hand on global leadership

Ahead of the G20 summit, President Obama is keen not to be upstaged by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is expected to exploit Obama's failure to solicit international support for strikes against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons. He warned that the idea that President Assad used such weapons when he was clearly winning the civil conflict was "utter nonsense" and drew attention to the large number of so-called 'humanitarian' interventions undertaken by the US and its allies as evidence of a warmongering foreign policy. He added that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that that war and the war in Afghanistan had been failures and that lessons needed to be learned. Mr Obama's blushed may be saved by the French who have produced an intelligence report which they claim proves Assad's forces were responsible for the attack. The report is being widely reported in the western media as putting Putin under pressure. However, there have been reports from journalists in the area where the chemical attack took place involving a number of witnesses including anti-government insurgent leaders who have admitted the chemical weapons were supplied by US ally Saudi Arabia and were set off by mistake by poorly trained insurgents. These reports have been ignored by western media outlets. It remains unclear why western governments wanted an urgent attack on Syria before UN weapons inspectors could report back.

Syria conflict app for Lebanese

With the violence in Syria often spilling over into neighbouring Syria the Lebanese have created a novel coping mechanism - an advance-warning app. The application for smartphones, which has had 80,000 downloads, can map gun battles in real-time which can filter out fireworks and random gunfire. Lebanese commuters use the Ma2too3a app which gathers crowd-sourced information in real-time relating to protests, traffic, roadblocks and clashes, and then maps it.

Vietnamese banned from discussing current affairs online

A law which bans citizens from discussing politics online has come into effect in Vietnam. Only personal information can be shared on blogs and social websites whereas news articles are banned under the controversial Decree 72.


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