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Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing hailed the new project which will
see Scotland host the largest tidal energy project in Europe

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Tuesday


Scotland launches largest tidal energy project in Europe

Scotland's prominent role in the development of renewable energies has been strengthened after the green light was given by the Scottish government so that MeyGen Limited to begin the construction of the "largest turbine array in Europe" in the Pentland Firth between Orkney and mainland Scotland. Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “Today we have granted consent to MeyGen Limited to develop the largest tidal turbine array in Europe and the first commercial project off these shores[...] This is a major step forward for Scotland’s marine renewable energy industry. When fully operational, the 86 megawatt array could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 42,000 homes - around 40% of homes in the Highlands[...]This exciting development in the waters around Orkney is just the first phase for a site that could eventually yield up to 398 megawatts.”

Big Yin diagnosed with Parkinson's

Despite Scottish comedian Billy Connolly being diagnosed with "initial symptoms" of Parkinson's disease and having surgery for prostate cancer the Big Yin has vowed to continue performing during his treatment. Connolly underwent surgery in the US after being diagnosed with the "very early" stages of cancer with the surgery being hailed as a "total success". The Glaswegian comedian, musician, actor and former shipyard worker received a Bafta Scotland Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

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Catalonia must leave EU if it leaves Spain, says senior EU figure

Catalonia will have to leave the EU if it leaves Spain, claimed the European Commission's Spanish vice-president Joaquin Almunia yesterday (Monday). Mr Almunia argued: "If one part of a territory of a member state decides to separate, the separated part isn't a member of the European Union,". There is a groundswell of support for the Catalan government to hold an independence referendum to next year however this is opposed by Madrid. In terms of what this means for Scotland's referendum the Scottish Government argues: “The only threat to Scotland’s continued membership [of the EU] comes from Westminster’s proposed in-out referendum.”

UK crisis: Economy 'made worse by Mark Carney'

A former Bank of England (BoE) economist Danny Gabay will this week warn that the new central bank governor Mark Carney will only fuel Britain's addiction to debt and that more forms of quantitative easing (money printing) whether direct or indirectly will serve to make the UK’s economic crisis deeper. In an address at the David Hume Institute in Edinburgh, Mr Gabay is expected to warn that UK government 'stimulus' policies will increase credit in such a way as to artificially drive up house prices and increase the potential for another housing crisis. The concern is that when the credit stops flowing many homeowners will be placed in negative equity traps or face eviction as house prices tumble.

Syria: UN confirms chemical attack while study shows ‘rebels’ linked to al-Qaeda

A United Nations investigation has found “unequivocally and objectively” that a chemical weapons' attack took place last month in Damascus and that it therefore constitutes a 'war crime'. If, as the US and its allies claim, the attack was committed by President Assad's forces then there will be major embarrassment for the UK government after it emerged that it granted licences to British firms which sold chemicals widely known to be used in the production of the nerve agent Sarin - used in the attack - to Syria in clear breach of international protocol. The UK breach has been condemned as 'grossly irresponsible'. With a large number of intelligence experts and many nations arguing that it has not been proven that it was the Syrian government which committed the atrocity and furthermore that it is unlikely that it was culpable the focus now switch to gathering evidence to establish blame in a process which is free of political manipulation. A new study, published in The Telegraph shows that Jihadists and members of radical Islamist groups directly or partly aligned with al-Qaeda comprise half of the 'opposition'. Of the 100,000 'insurgents' who are supported by the US and its allies 50,000 are linked to al-Qaeda. "The insurgency is now dominated by groups which have at least an Islamist viewpoint on the conflict," Charles Lister, author of the analysis, told The Telegraph. Some recent intelligence analysis support independent journalist reports coming out of Syria that 'rebels' with weapons supplied by US ally Saudi Arabia inadvertently set off the weapons without knowing what they were and that some rebels were killed in the process.


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