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Doh! Tory leader David Cameron had no idea how much a loaf of bread costs

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Scottish independence: Teens can register to vote in referendum from today

Teenagers who will be 16 and over by the time of next September's independence referendum can register to vote starting today. Elections for Westminster and Holyrood have a voting age of 18 however the Scottish government made voting at 16 in the referendum a key priority. The Electoral Commission will launch an information campaign to ensure young people and families register young voters so they can participate in the referendum. Welcoming the news, SNP MSP Mark McDonald said: “We encourage all of our young people who will be 16 or over on September 18 next year to make sure they are on the electoral role so they can have their say on Scotland’s future. We believe that 16 and 17 year olds should have the right to shape the country they live in – particularly when they can pay taxes, get married and join the armed forces, it is only right and fair that they should also be entitled to vote. "

Cameron ridiculed for claiming he will do what it takes to keep UK together

A pledge by Prime Minister David Cameron to "do everything I can as Prime Minister to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom" has been ridiculed by the Scottish National Party (SNP) after Mr Cameron refused to participate in a debate about independence with First Minister Alex Salmond. SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said: "David Cameron's position is getting even more ridiculous. He says he will do everything he can to stop Scottish independence, but is not prepared to actually debate the issue - even though his Tory Government is driving and directing the No campaign. Mr Cameron should either put up or shut up, but if he thinks it is wrong for him to be debating Scotland's future, how much more wrong is it that someone so utterly unrepresentative of Scotland should be our Prime Minister in the first place?"

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Rangers reveal £14.4m losses

Rangers International Football Club plc has announced operating losses of £14.4mn. The troubled club which raised £22mn in December through a share issue also revealed revenues of £19.1mn and staff costs of £17.9mn.

Please don't go, Cameron urges Scots

Prime Minister David Cameron has appealed to Conservative Party members to tell Scots voting in next year's independence referendum that "we want you to stay". Addressing a fringe meeting at his Party's conference in Manchester, Mr Cameron claimed that the 'no' campaign had won the factual case against independence. Mr Cameron argued that the case had to be won in people's hearts and urged fellow Tories to go home to their constituencies and save the United Kingdom, urging them to send the message to Scots that: "We want you to stay. We value Scotland being part of the UK."


Doh! Cameron no clue how much bread costs

Prime Minister David Cameron showed that he no idea how much supermarket bread costs and defended his ignorance by claiming that he makes homemade granary loaves for his children using a breadmaker. Mr Cameron was quizzed live on LBC 97.3 Radio and when asked how much a "value sliced white loaf" would cost, he replied "well north of a pound". When presenter Nick Ferrari revealed that it was 47p, Mr Cameron excused his ignorance by claiming that he uses a Panasonic breadmaker, which typically costs £100. Mr Cameron's gaff has put the Conservatives under more pressure over its austerity programme and its impact on household budgets.

UK crisis: 'Recovery' debunked as desperate Britons use payday loans to feed families

Britons are turning in desperation to payday loan firms in order to feed their families, according to a leading charity. Research by Christians Against Poverty (Cap) shows that borrowers are being lent money by pay day loan firms without any checks over whether people are in work or can afford to repay the loans. The firms market their loans as quick and flexible solutions to pay for holidays or home improvements however, according to Cap, the vast majority of people who complain about problem debts, including payday loans, claim they used them for food while as many as half pay their utility bills with the loans and others used it to cover rent and mortgage costs. Cap's chief executive, Matt Barlow, said: "People who take out this expensive sort of credit are hungry, worried about keeping warm and becoming homeless." The rise in the use of payday loans comes as there is an exponential increase in the use of foodbanks across Britain raising doubts over claims by politicians, economists and journalists that Britain is experiencing an economic recovery.

US government starts to shut down

US government services are partially closing down due a failure between the Republicans and the Democrats to pass the federal budget. With no budget, many government workers will be put on unpaid leave. Service which will be immediately impacted include the US Justice Department, the Pentagon, Nasa and even the Bureau of Economic Analysis whose website reads "Due to the lapse in government funding, will be unavailable until further notice."

Venezuela expels top US diplomat

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has expelled the top US diplomat in his nation accusing him of conspiring with the 'extreme right' in the oil-rich South American state. Mr Maduro has accused the Charge D'Affaires Kelly Keiderling and other US officials of collaborating with the "the extreme right" to sabotage his country's economy and power grid. Recently the US was discovered to have been spying on South American politicians and energy companies. It is thought that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Mr Maduro reportedly ordered the diplomats to leave on television and shouted in English “Yankees go home”.


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