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Loyalist riots in Belfast result in children being arrested

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Tuesday


Lamont calls for end to free higher education
Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont called for an end to free university and college tuition fees, calling them “not sustainable” in a speech marking the one year anniversary of her party leadership yesterday. The announcement follows an on-going review of long-standing Labour policies including free prescription charges and education without tuition fees; the former teacher said that Scotland, a country once leading in global education, has “fallen behind”.

Former Euro judge, Sir David Edward, rejects Barroso claims
A former European Judge has countered claims from European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, that an independent Scotland would be rejected from the EU or would have to reapply for membership. Writing on the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Sir David Edward concluded: “all that is certain is that EU law would require all parties to negotiate in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation before separation took place. The results of such negotiation are hardly, if at all, a matter of law”.

More Scottish news:

Energy giants invest in North Sea ventures
Two oil and gas giants will invest nearly £1bn in Scotland’s North Sea oil industry. Canada’s Talisman oil and gas firm and Chinese petroleum and chemical corporation Sinopec will proceed with a joint venture as Talisman Sinopec Energy UK, which now owns and funds 49 percent of Talisman's UK operations.

Scottish population reaches its peak
Scotland’s population has grown to its highest ever level, as the release of the 2011 census records 5,295,000 people. Increasing by 233,000 in a decade, Scotland’s acting Registrar General, Audrey Robertson said that the influx was due to a surge in birth rates and immigration.

Highlands begin reviewing storm damage
Highland Council has started surveying the damage to harbours, piers and other sea defences following the weekend storm which assaulted much of the east coast with hurricane force winds from the North Sea. Areas affected include Wick, Helmsdale, Brora, Golspie, Embo, Portmahomack, Balintore, Cromarty, Rosemarkie and Nairn. Repairing damage inflicted on historic highland harbours could cost millions, according to the Press and Journal.

Possible cap on Scottish fishing quotas faces vote in Brussels
Scottish fishermen could face a 25 percent reduction in the number of days they can fish as well as a 20 percent reduction in their cod catch limit as part of decisions which will be voted on today by the European Parliament at a meeting of the fisheries committee in Brussels. The majority of the 3,000 proposed alterations were refined into 104 compromise packages, with hundreds left to face votes.

Moore to be questioned on devolution and independence
Scottish Secretary Michael Moore will be questioned by peers in The House of Lords economic committee regarding the outlook of an independent Scotland. Mr Moore is expected to be asked about further devolution of economic powers to Holyrood whilst former deputy governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Gieve will also face questions. Committee findings are expected to be published early next year.

Scottish government invests £10m to help 2,000 poorer students
The Scottish government has allocated £10mn through the Scottish Funding Council to help 2,000 students from poorer economic backgrounds gain access to higher education.  Education Secretary Michael Russell said: "Even within our limited fiscal powers, our actions to ensure young people access education based on ability to learn rather than the ability to pay, underlines our commitment to supporting a highly skilled workforce and a growing economy."


BBC and ITV apologise for false McAlpine allegations
Lawyers on behalf of the BBC and ITV have today apologised with “genuine remorse” to Lord McAlpine for falsely linking him to allegations of child abuse, withdrawing allegations in a statement read by Sir Edward Garnier, counsel for McAlpine. The former Conservative politician will receive £185,000 from the BBC and £125,000 from ITV plus legal costs.

Belfast loyalist riots see four children arrested
Four children were arrested during loyalist riots in Belfast last night as violence occurred in the city as well as other parts of Greater Belfast and Northern Ireland where 80 separate protests erupted. At least one police officer as well as Belfast Telegraph journalist Adrian Rutherford were assaulted as 200 loyalists attacked police on the Newtownards Road.

RBS and FSA fail to draw line on role played in Libor scandal
Lawyers for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Financial Services Authority (FSA) officials have failed to agree on the culpability that RBS employees had in rigging Libor rates, according to Mark Kleinman, Sky City Editor. Mr Kleinman said that legal sources close to the FSA said it has proposed that RBS pay a fine of around £150m, which would be discounted should an early settlement be reached.

Iraq president suffers stroke
The Iraqi president Jalal Talabani is being stabilised by a medical team after suffering a stroke. The president is well known for being an effective mediator between the nation's various ethnic groupings. The president's powers are largely ceremonial. Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was reported to have visited the hospital in Baghdad where the president is being treated.

Walmart bribed Mexican officials, reports New York Times
The giant US retail giant Walmart aggressively bribed Mexican officials in order to obtain permits which allowed the supermarket chain to open branches across the central American nation, according to a NYT report. The NYT investigation found that "Wal-Mart de Mexico was an aggressive and creative corrupter" identifying 19 stores where bribes had been targeted, including one instance where $200,000 in bribes were paid in order to build one store near the Aztec ruins.

Chavez support spreads after governor election result
Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, has found further support across the South American nation after his allies comfortably defeated opposition candidates after elections for governors on Sunday. 20 out of 23 states will have 'Chavista' governors for the next four years. Opposition parties were relatively close to defeating Chavez in recent presidential elections and so the result is a setback taking into account that they previously had 7 governors. Mr Chavez, who is a critic of US influence in the region, is currently being treated for cancer.

Russia sends vessels for Syria evacuation failsafe
Russia has sent a group of five ships, including two assault ships, a tanker and an escort vessel to the Mediterranean Sea for an indefinite period, in case it should need to evacuate its citizens from Syria, according to reports. Interfax News Agency quoted a naval force saying on Tuesday: "They are heading to the Syrian coast to assist in a possible evacuation of Russian citizens ... Preparations for the deployment were carried out in a hurry and were heavily classified," though the report could not be confirmed independently.

China calls for resolution to Syrian bloodshed
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying again called for the Syrian people to lead a political resolution to end ongoing violence. Speaking at a regular press briefing, Miss Chunying said: "We have set forth our position on the current situation in Syria many times. China is deeply concerned about the ongoing violence in the country. A political solution is in the Syrian people's fundamental interests, as well as the common interests of the international community,"

China-US trade talks
The world's two largest economic powers, China and the US, begin trade talks today (Tuesday). The recent issue of accounting standards used for US-listed Chinese firms will be on the agenda along with discussion related to currency debasement or quantitative easing. The US is now printing $85 billion per month of new money in a QE programme which has no definite end date. China owns a lot of US debt and the currency debasement impacts on those investments.


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