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Cardinal Keith O'Brien's resignation has been described as the 
“gravest single public crisis” for the Catholic Church in Scotland

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Tuesday


Scottish Greens challenge SNP and opposition to tackle rich and poor gap
The Scottish Greens have called on SNP ministers and opposition parties to end neo-liberal economic policies that they argue will be futile in closing the ever-growing gap between the rich and poor. The call comes prior to evidence to be given to Holyrood's Economy Committee from Nobel prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz on alternatives to the GDP growth indicator. Professor Stiglitz has previously stated that persevering with GDP growth can lead to lower living standards. Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and Economy Committee member, said: "US senator Robert Kennedy famously said gross domestic product - gross national product in America - measures everything except that which makes life worthwhile. I hope Professor Stiglitz prompts SNP ministers and the other opposition parties to review their relentless focus on growth.”

Second swine flu case in Dumfries and Galloway
A second swine flu case has arisen in Dumfries and Galloway after an 18-month old boy was diagnosed with the symptoms of the virus.  Public health director for NHS Dumfries and Galloway, Dr David Cox confirmed the second H1N1 incident in the region while another woman from Sanquhar is treated for the virus in a Leicester hospital.

More Scottish news:

Cardinal O’Brien resignation “gravest single public crisis”, says leading historian
Scotland's Roman Catholic Church is facing its “gravest single public crisis” after Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned following allegations of "inappropriate behaviour".  Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Edinburgh University Professor Tom Devine, who is challenging the claims, by three current and one former priest, added: "Its effects in the short term are incalculable."

Nicola Sturgeon calls for MEP support on fairer Scottish EU funding
The Deputy First Minister will today ask Scottish MEPs support her bid for a fairer share of European Union funding after a Scottish government estimate revealed that Scotland could see a fall in the regional allocations for the EU's structural funds budget of about £261m - a 3.3% reduction from the previous seven-year budget.  The SNP government said the UK allocation would be slashed by 6%, while 30% would be slashed in Scotland, most significantly hitting areas with lower population densities, such as the Highlands.

West Coast Main Line shambles to cost taxpayers at least £50m
The West Coast Main Line franchise deal will cost taxpayers "£50m at the very least", while the cost may be "very much larger", MPs in the Public Accounts Committee have warned.  The Department for Transport's "complete lack of common sense" and failing to learn from "previous disasters" has allegedly accelerated the cost, while a spokesman said the department has promised that there will be no repeat of the failure.


LibDems reach lowest ever public approval
The Liberal Democrats have lost further public backing, leaving them in an all time polling low after the party established a helpline for women implicated in alleged misconduct of former CEO Lord Rennard. In a monthly survey, ComRes revealed that the co-ruling party have spiralled to fourth place, putting them behind centre-right Tory rivals UKIP.

BP resist responsibility for biggest US offshore oil spill
Governments, businesses and individuals have blamed BP Plc for the biggest U.S. offshore oil spill that killed 11 rig workers and spilled 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, as the juryless trial commences at the federal court in New Orleans. BP are attempting to show that its role in the disaster is not deemed as gross negligence. US Justice Department trial attorney Mike Underhill said: "Not only was it within BP's power to prevent the tragedy, it was its responsibility,"

Syria edges towards opposition negotiations
Syria is apparently moving toward negotiations with armed rebels opposing President Bashar al-Assad, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said yesterday.  However, Moualem stated that Syria would continue to fight "against terrorism”. However, Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov accused western-backed "extremists" in the Syrian opposition of preventing dialogue in the conflict-ridden country, hours before he was due to meet US Secretary of State, John Kerry.  "It seems that extremists who bet on an armed solution to the Syrian problem have prevailed in the ranks of the opposition at this time, including the so-called (Syrian) National Coalition, blocking all initiatives that could lead to the start of dialogue," Lavrov told reporters.

Solution to Italy economic crisis crumbles following deadlocked parliament
Italy faces a political standstill and a potential hung parliament after no group received enough votes to form a government. Pier Luigi Bersani's centre-left bloc won the lower house by around 130,000 votes but failed to win the upper house. As no party of likely coalition held a majority in the upper, Italy faces a deadlocked parliament as the country fails to find a route to tackle on-going economic turmoil. News of the results saw an instant decline on Italian financial markets.

Peace truce broken as Gaza rocket explodes in Israel
A rocket fired from Gaza exploded near the southern city of Ashkelon, Israel on Tuesday, the first such attack since a November truce and an apparent show of solidarity with West Bank protests after the death of a Palestinian in an Israeli jail. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a militant group in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's West Bank-based Fatah movement, claimed responsibility, the Palestinian Ma'an news agency said. No casualties were reported, while Islamist group Hamas said it was investigating the incident.

Iran and world powers talk nuclear bombs
Iran said it was prepared to confer major powers in talks on its nuclear programme in Kazakhstan today as five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany continue attempts to end a dispute which could potentially begin a major war in the Middle East, Reuters reported. The United States proposed limited sanctions relief in return for halting the work that the West believes is the building of a nuclear bomb. The political rhetoric comes despite US intelligence sources reporting that Iran has no advanced nuclear weapons’ programme.


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