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Former SNP leader, Gordon Wilson, has urged the current party leadership
to adopt negative campaigning tactics during the referendum campaign

Scottish News: News in Scotland - Wednesday

Ditch 'robot' campaign, warns former SNP leader

A former leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) has openly called on the current leadership to indulge in negative campaigning in respect of the "greed" of London and the South East of England. Gordon Wilson - a former MP and SNP leader - in a paper produced for the Options for Scotland think-tank described the current pro-independence campaign as having "all the excitement of a robot" and having the posture of a "punchbag". In a reference to quantitative easing (QE) and other schemes which disproportionately benefit London and the South East of England Mr Wilson urged 'yes' campaigners to indulge in negative tactics to draw attention to what he described as the "cancer" of London which exudes "rapacious greed" that consumed the wealth of the rest of the UK. Mr Wilson suggested that future referendums on how an independent Scotland should be created should be offered on issues such as currency and joining the EU in order to outflank the 'no' camp.

Independence a 'vital' issue for artists

Janet Archer, the new head of Creative Scotland, has issued a promise that artists and creative firms would be encouraged to express opinions in the run up to next year's crucial referendum on independence describing the subject as "hugely important". The move comes after Sir Jonathan Mills, director of the Edinburgh International Festival, announced that the referendum would not be included in next year's festival. Instead Sir Jonathan will focus on the 100th anniversary of the First World War - an event which will be prioritised by the UK government in the run up to the referendum with a particular focus on Britishness.

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Scottish exports to outstrip UK

Scotland will enjoy an increase in overseas sales in the coming years outstripping the rest of the UK, according to a new survey by Ernst and Young. Goods sold will see a real term increase from £18.2bn in 2012 to 20.1bn in 2017. Exports increase as the Bank of England continues to devalue sterling making goods manufactured in the UK relatively cheaper than trading competitors. However, this drives up inflation as imports become more expensive meaning UK citizens find goods more expensive thus decreasing their standard of living. As the UK and Scotland are overwhelmingly import economies the devaluation has an overall negative impact on the domestic economy.

UK crisis: Cost of living increases a problem, warns Miliband

Ed Miliband is expected to attack the government over a "cost of living crisis" believing that the message will resonate with voters despite recent official economic figures which appear to show improvement in the economy. However many commentators believe inflation in the cost of living for ordinary citizens is far higher than the official rate and contrasts sharply with falling relative wages as quantitative easing and other stimulus projects create temporary low-paid service sector jobs.

New Bank of England governor faced split on low interest rate policy

Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, faced a split on the interest rate-setting committee over his radical policy of keeping rates low until unemployment drops below 7 percent. Mr Carney's 'forward guidance' over keeping interest rates at 0.5 percent until an unemployment target is reached is a radical departure from the mission of the Monetary Policy Committee whose historic role was to keep inflation below 2 percent. Many economists argue that low interest rates actually cause inflation and critics argue that the real reason for the low rates is to help fund banks with balance sheets which are insolvent.

UK crisis: Parents to pay for children taken into care

Conservative-controlled Worcestershire County Council is considering plans which mean parents of children who have been taken into care would pay towards the child's social care bill. In order to deal with a funding crisis the council are considering the idea for parents who refuse, after a period of being in care often against the wishes of the parent/s, to offer to bring their children back into their home again.

Egypt: Security forces in Morsi loyalists crackdown

Clashes between Egyptian security forces and supporters of the deposed President Morsi continue with some reports suggesting as many as 94 people have been killed. Camps which were erected by pro-Morsi protesters are being cleared by the government security forces which have met with violent resistance.


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Wilson is correct. There needs to be a much more honed and trenchant edge to the indie campaign. The slow drip of negative, and profoundly anti-Scottish, propaganda is feeding the national “cringe”. An outright attack on the British state and its past and present subjection of our national interests to its own anglo-centricism is required. We need to shock our population with the naked truth. It is time to hit Britannia where it hurts and draw blood from the old crone.
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