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A Scottish constitution will be a break from undemocratic Westminster
argues SNP leader Alex Salmond

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Scottish constitution a break from 'profoundly undemocratic' Westminster

First Minister Alex Salmond will argue today that a written constitution will "energise and inspire people" and mark a move away from undemocratic Westminster. Many nationalists outside the SNP have asked the Scottish government to propose a constitution in advance of the referendum in order that Scots that Scots make a considered democratic choice about whether or not to vote for an independent Scotland and what that might look like.

Moore accuses SNP of trying to 'de-risk' independence

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore will today argue that the SNP will "pretty well say anything and do anything" to secure a 'yes' vote in next year's independence referendum. In a speech at the Institute for Public Policy Research at Glasgow University, Mr Moore is expected to accuse the SNP of pretending that things won't be different after independence in an attempt to 'de-risk' what an independent Scotland will look like. Yesterday, Scotland's former chief civil servant Sir John Elvidge warned that the independence debate was in danger of becoming too polarised.

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(International news on currency union to inform the Scottish referendum debate)

Greece should not have joined euro, says Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed that Greece should not have been allowed into the eurozone and claimed it was her political rivals, the Social Democrativ Party (SPD), who were in power at the time who are to blame for creating the origins of the crisis. Merkel's claims come one month before she will seek re-election in Germany. Greece is facing economic and social meltdown with one psychologist warning that it is suffering a national trauma which can be likened to civil war conditions. Greece is a member of the euro currency union.


UK crisis: Help to Buy scheme creating pre-crisis bubble

George Osborne's Help to Buy scheme could marginalise fist time buyers by pushing up house prices by 11 percent by 2016 according to the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association. Mr Osborne has targeted cuts in benefits to the tune of £12bn and channelled the money into the housing market creating artificially inflated valuations which threatens to keep first-time buyers out of the market and create the potential for a bust and mortgage holders caught in negative equity traps.

Syria: Britain to seek UN support for military action after Labour refuses support

David Cameron announced on Twitter that he intends to forward a resolution at the United Nations security council 'authorising necessary measures to protect civilians' in relation to the use of chemical weapons in Damascus. The move comes after the Labour Party refused to back military action without UN approval. It is unlikely that the UN security council will support action against the Syrian government as there is no clear evidence, despite inferences across the Western media that there is, which proves that President Assad's government were the side which committed the atrocity. The Obama regime has said it will release evidence possibly as soon as Thursday, that it claims will prove that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad military was responsible for what US officials have called an “undeniable” chemical attack that killed hundreds on the outskirts of the Syrian capital. In a telephone call yesterday (Tuesday) with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his government “did not have evidence of whether a chemical weapons attack had taken place, or who was responsible,” according to a statement on Cameron’s official website said. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said that allegations of chemical weapons use by the government are “categorically baseless,” ... “We all hear the drums of war around us,” Moualem said. “If they want to attack Syria, I think that using the lie of chemical weapons is fake and not accurate, and I challenge them to show evidence.” Critics point to false claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for an invasion which was actively desired by Western governments, arms manufacturers, energy companies and bankers.

Iran to sue US over its involvement in overthrow of democratic government

The Iranian parliament has approved a bill which paves the way for legal action to be taken against the US for its role in toppling the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mossadegh in a 1953 coup. The bill comes after the release of CIA documents which show how the US orchestrated the coup, in a plan called "Operation TPAJAX", against the oil-rich nation which toppled Mossadegh 60 years ago. The coup saw the instalment of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was viewed as an American puppet and was overthrown in 1979. The loss of Iranian democracy left many Iranians deeply resentful towards the US.


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