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Prime Minister David Cameron has promised the UK electorate an
in-out referendum on EU. More Scots may now vote for independence
to remain inside Europe

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Swinney: coalition cuts promise “acute challenges” to Scots
Scots will suffer “acute challenges” following the continued cuts from the coalition government, according to Finance Minister John Swinney. The Scottish government’s budget will be slashed around 8 percent over the four years from 2011-15.

Architect speaks out against Glasgow City Council
John McAslan, who won the now scrapped George Square redesign competition has criticised Glasgow City Council for being “not that bright” after wasting £100,000 on a £15mn project, only for it to be scrapped. The architect accused council officials of trying to bully him out of the design project and said that the administration had angered the architect community.

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Scots employment and unemployment falls
Scottish unemployment fell by 14,000 between September and November last year whilst the number in jobs also declined by 24,000. Around 207,000 Scots remain unemployed north of the border – 7.8 percent which compares to the UK average of 7.7 percent, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data.

Scottish global exports soar
Scotland’s global exports shot up by £1.6bn in 2011 to £23.9bn, according to the latest Global Connections Survey. Sales to the EU increased by 14.7 percent and exports to Asia grew by 8.7 percent; the US accounted for the highest volume of Scottish exports with £3.5 billion in value.


UK to have in-out referendum on EU membership
The UK Prime minister has announced his view that Britain should remain in the EU, but membership terms must be renegotiated. He has vowed an in-out referendum based on new membership terms will take place if he remains prime minister after the 2015 general election. The prospect of Britain leaving the EU will have a significant impact on Scotland's independence referendum.

Danny Alexander: Trident replacement unnecessary
Chief Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander has insisted that the Trident does not need to be replaced with more nuclear subs which cost the taxpayer billions in an interview with the Guardian. Warning that the Treasury did not have "a magic pot of money" he highlighted that there are many alternatives to the nuclear missile, which is currently located in the river Clyde.

Mervyn King: RBS and Lloyd’s could be re-privatised
RBS and Lloyds Banking Group - which owns Bank of Scotland - are to be bought back from the taxpayer in a “relatively short period” according to the Governor of the Bank of England. Mr King told the CBI Northern Ireland Mid-Winter Dinner that as US banks were re-privatised” there is “no reason” that it could not happen in the UK.

BBC presenter arrested for rape allegation
Long-time BBC presenter Stuart Hall have been charged with rape and 14 accounts of indecent assault Lancashire police last night arrested the 83-year-old who now lives in Cheshire.

North Korea strengthens nuclear arsenal
North Korea will increase its nuclear deterrent despite the condemnation from the U.N. Security Council. Despite the council’s expansion of the existing U.N. sanctions and unanimously condemning the rocket launch, Pyongyang is set to increase nuclear capabilities in the North.

Israeli PM Netanyahu keeps leadership in close election
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has narrowly maintained his leadership in a close-call election. Mr Netanyahu was forced to form ties with a new centrist party who want a greater push towards peacekeeping with Palestine, Al Jazeera reported.


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