Northern England needs a Salmond

First Minister Alex Salmond to speak at conference on the economic
impact of independence on northern England IMAGE: STOCKPIX.EU

Scottish news: Northern England needs a Salmond

Calls for devolution and politicians in the North of England to learn from the leadership shown by Scotland’s first minister have been welcomed by the SNP this evening.

Katie Schmuecker, International Public Policy Research (IPPR) North Associate Director has said that “northern leaders should learn from the ambitious outlook of the Scots and champion decentralisation and further local powers with a chance for the north to renegotiate its position with Westminster to ensure its future prosperity.”

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In a speech by Alex Salmond to the North-East Economic Forum in Newcastle, the first minister will set out what he believes are the consequences of independence for the English region.

The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie, has responded in advance of the address by calling on the first minister to be upfront about the implications of an independent Scotland for the north of England.

Mr Rennie has stated that “The forum needs to ask Alex Salmond the hard questions and not settle for the schtick”; going on to say that “the SNP are no friends of the north of England - by contrast, Liberal Democrat plans for a federal UK will give the North East fresh powers and responsibilities to help them shape their destiny and, like Scotland, remain secure within the United Kingdom”.

By contrast, the address has attracted praise in Scotland from SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, Sandra White who said “We are working towards a future where Scotland stands on its own two feet as a nation, fully connected with its neighbouring communities.”

The first minister is expected to face some tough questions at the Forum in relation to how the economic policies of an independent Scotland will impact on northern England’s employment and industry.



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