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 Bruce Rintoul works in Supply Chain Management in the US


1) Why did you leave Scotland?

I originally left Scotland to move to London for work in 2000. I was working for Philips Electronics at the time and moved down to work in the UK head office, which was based in Croydon just outside of London.


2) Where did you grow up and at what age did you leave Scotland?

I grew up in a small village just outside of Paisley on the West coast of Scotland. I lived there on and off for over 25 years.

I left a few times to work away but kept coming back until I finally moved to London in 2000.


3) What is your job/sector and how many countries have you lived in?

I work in Supply Chain Management and have lived in 4 countries, Scotland, England, the Netherlands and America.  In the Netherlands I lived and worked in Eindhoven and in America I live and work in New Jersey. 

I live about 30 miles from Manhattan and work just outside Princeton.


4) Which citizenship do you have?

I only have UK citizenship but I do have a green card here in the US and we do plan to become US citizens. Both our children were born in the US so becoming a citizen gives a certain comfort level where they are concerned.


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5) What do you talk about when you meet other Scots who live abroad?

Mostly we talk about football, but we also we talk about where we lived in Scotland and what we miss the most.


6) Are there any Scottish products you would like to be able to buy?

Irn Bru is probably the most obvious one, but you also can't beat a good Scottish breakfast!


7) Did you ever regret moving abroad?

No, I've enjoyed every country I've lived in.

I do go back to Scotland at least once a year and I have family visit regularly...especially my in-laws.


8) What about the independence referendum coming up? How will it affect you and Scotland's international image?

To be honest I'm not sure it will affect me, at least not in the short term.


9) What are your three favourite things about Scotland?

The pubs, the people and my family of course. It's always fun to go back and catch up with everyone and enjoy a few pints. You can't beat the atmosphere of a good Scottish pub.


10) Are there any plans for living in Scotland again and do you have a message for Scots back home?

We don't have any plans to return to Scotland, but you can never say never.

My message to those back home is enjoy what you have on your own doorstep.


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