Red Collective launch independence referendum campaign

Neil Findlay MSP is one of the key players behind the newly launched
Red Collective

Scottish independence: Red Collective launch independence referendum campaign

by Katie Myhill

Today, the Red Collective launched their campaign for an alternative option to the SNP proposal for an independent Scotland and the devo-max and devo-plus solutions suggested by the unionists.

With the “Yes” and “No” campaigns in full swing, there have been calls for an alternative to both sets of proposals on Scotland’s future. The Red Collective, a group of trade unionists, academics and labour activists, feel that neither independence, devo-plus nor devo–max meet the requirements of the Scottish public. Also, that the main focus, so far, surrounds the process of a referendum rather than offering solutions to various issues that would arise from these plans being put into action.

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This new solution suggested by the Red Collective is to focus on the division of power between the UK Government, Scottish Government and local authorities as well as the redistribution of wealth. Their aim is to improve the future for young people in Scotland.

They have targeted Alex Salmond’s proposal for slashing corporation tax, saying this could pose a real danger to working people. Likewise, they believe that the devo-max campaign suggestion that tax collected in Scotland stay within Scotland, would limit the ability to distribute money in the UK according to social needs.

The Red Collective’s campaign highlights the failure of the other campaigns to prioritise redistribution of wealth, democratic control of the economy or greater equality. They suggest a change in UK law, as well as EU law, is required in order to enhance economic and political democracy in Scotland.

One of the groups organisers, Lothians Labour MSP Neil Findlay said: “Any argument for constitutional change must say why we want the change. If it’s just to replace a group of right-wing bankers and industrialists in pinstripes in London with a group of right-wing bankers and industrialists in kilts in Edinburgh, what have you achieved for working people? It has to be in the interests of ordinary people.”

The Red Collectives are set to launch their campaign today.



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When decisions can be made by the people who live in Scotland,the Scottish government will be able to meet the requirements of the Scottish people.
commented 2012-06-26 20:10:17 +0100 · Flag
Once we get independence, we will then get the government the majority of Scots vote for… that’s whats in it for the working people of Scotland. No more torys red or blue!
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