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First Minister, Alex Salmond, appears at the Leveson inquiry today

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SNP Financial Plan in Question

The SNP’s financial plan for an independent Scotland, outlined by Finance Secretary John Swinney on Monday night, seems to have been once again questioned by industry leaders. Swinney proposed that independent Scotland would be financially regulated by the Bank of England, but today Scottish Financial Enterprises (SFE) chief executive, Owen Kelly, has said this may not be a viable framework.

Leveson inquiry: Salmond appears today
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond is due to appear at the Leveson inquiry today. The inquiry into media standards will seek to clarify details about whether Slamond’s phone was hacked and also ask the First Minister about his relationship with Rupert Murdock, questions which Salmond has been accused of avoiding in the Scottish Parliament.

Rangers goes into Liquidation
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has rejected Charles Green’s plan to take Ranges FC out of administration, steering their operational status towards liquidation. HMRC has defended the decision by saying that “A liquidation provides the best opportunity to protect taxpayers by allowing the potential investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial affairs”.

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Edinburgh City Council Senior Director Suspended
Dave Anderson, a Senior Director at Edinburgh City Council, has been suspended following the launch of an investigation into how contracts were given for maintenance on city buildings. More than 500 people have complained about the process over the last year.

Olympic torch begins journey to Scotland’s capital
The Olympic torch leaves St. Andrews today and travels 145 miles to Edinburgh Castle, expected to arrive at the capital for an evening of celebrations. Along the way it will pass many historical sites including Stirling Castle, the Forth Bridge and the Wallace Monument.

Glasgow survey finds school lunches unhealthy
New research indicates that Glaswegian school lunchtime meals contain too much fat, salt and calories. By surveying what school children typically bought and ate in local shops at lunchtime The Glasgow Centre for Population Health found that the vast majority of school lunches didn’t meet health standards.

Remploy Factories Close with Job Losses Expected
Four Remply factories are expected to close, a trade union was told yesterday. This could lead to the loss of work for up to 100 disabled people. The factories are in Glasgow, Motherwell, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and it is thought that more Remploy factories will close 2013.

Private Company Granted Control of Forth Road Bridge
It has emerged that the operation of miles of public road around the Forth Bridge will be tendered to private contractors, with ownership remaining with Transport Scotland. Changes are expected to include a new crossing bridge, but locals and MSPs have expressed concern about a lack of transparency and clarity relating to the tender.



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