Scots prefer Scottish government to Westminster, new poll shows

Scots prefer the job the Scottish government is doing to the
government in England

Scottish news: Scots prefer Scottish government to Westminster, new poll shows

A new Ipsos MORI poll shows that Scots strongly prefer the job the Scottish government is doing to that of its Westminster counterpart.

According to the poll the SNP government has a positive 15 percent rating whereas the UK government scores poorly at minus 40 percent.

Christopher McLean, Senior Research Executive at Ipsos MORI Scotland, analysed the findings, and said: “Our poll shows that a majority of Scots think that the Scottish Government is doing a good job.

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"This will be particularly encouraging for the SNP given that they have now been in power for over five years and given the comparable approval rating of the UK Government among voters across Britain.”

On one level it shows that Scots are happy with the job the Scottish government is doing with the devolved powers it has. It is also underlines why most Scots would like to see more powers repatriated to the Scottish parliament.

Independence referendum

The poll is good news for the yes campaign as it must convince undecided voters that all the vital London-controlled powers should be transferred to Scottish control.

The news comes after it was revealed by a Westminster committee that £64 billion of taxpayer money given to private banks for bailouts by former Labour Chancellor Alastair Darling may not be recovered.

If the no camp is to maintain its fragile lead over the yes campaign it must move to improve the credibility of Westminster and this latest revelation about a former Westminster chancellor will not help that cause.

To make matters worse, Mr Darling is chief of the Better Together campaign which is campaigning for a no vote in Scotland's referendum.

SNP Depute leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon welcomed the poll saying:

“This is a great poll which reinforces the fact that the SNP Scottish Government is doing a good job in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

“These poll figures underline the trust which the people of Scotland have in the Scottish Government, which continues to deliver on the social contract that has protected benefits such as free personal care for the elderly and free university education.

“And the contrast with people’s views of the UK Government at Westminster could not be more striking."



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