News in Scotland Monday

News in Scotland Monday
News in Scotland Monday
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Chancellor Osborne who will claim that independence will cost Scots families
£2,000 has a £4mn share in a family firm which received orders from civil
servants to the tune of £1,298.95 in June

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Scottish independence: Yes overtakes No in latest referendum poll

With just over a year to go, Scots voters intend to vote ‘yes’ in next year’s independence referendum, according to the latest opinion poll commissioned by the Scottish National Party (SNP). Those who intend to vote ‘yes’ stand at 44 percent while a ‘no’ vote is backed by 43 percent with undecideds on 23 percent. The poll is the first which shows a lead for the pro-independence campaign since August 2011 which was also a 1 percent lead. The Panelbase survey sampled 1,043 adults between 23-28 August weights its findings according to the responses of people most likely or certain to vote. The SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “It is game on for next September’s referendum. With just over a year to go, this poll indicates that the positive case for Yes is capturing people’s imagination, while the No campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ is running out of steam.”

Project Fear Update: Treasury to warn of costs of Scottish independence

A treasury paper to be launched by George Osborne tomorrow will warn that exports to the remained of the UK from Scotland could fall by 80 percent over the next thirty years even if there are free trade agreements between the two nations. The report will heighten widespread concerns across Scotland that UK government resources are being used to influence Scotland’s referendum outcome and support the ‘no’ campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ which critics argue is a strategy of frightening the Scottish population into voting ‘no’ through spreading scare stories. The report claims that incomes in Scotland are set to rise by 4 percent over the next 3 decades amounting to £5bn or £2,000 per household which it attributes to integration with the UK. That sum will be under threat should Scotland vote for independence according to the document. According to the paper, independence will cause economic damage through different business regulations, a fragmented economy disrupted trade flows.

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Scottish engineering orders on the increase

Orders for Scottish engineering products have increased to their highest level since early 2011 according to Scottish Engineering – an industry body which conducts quarterly reviews of the sector. Its members report an overall increase in orders and output equating to significant improvement for the sector. The falling pound makes Scottish products cheaper internationally while increased monetary stimlus within the UK is one factor behind the increase in domestic demand.

Diplomats splash public cash at George Osborne’s family firm

The Independence newspaper has revealed that senior civil servants – using government-issued FCO’s procurement cards – paid £1,298.95 to Osborne & Little in June alone for “fabric to re-cover chairs in Nairobi residence and wallpaper for Morning Room in Washington residence”. The chancellor retains a 15 percent, estimated to be worth £4mn, in the high-end interior design company established by his father. Over a 3-year period spending using the procurement cards more than doubled from £8mn to £18m in 2012.

Syria: SNP condemns UK government over chemical sales

The UK government has been accused of ‘utter hypocrisy’ after it was revealed that it allowed a British company to export nerve gas chemicals to Syria months after the conflict started. The news comes only days after David Cameron sought approval for military attacks on Syria as a response to the use of chemical weapons inside Syria which Mr Cameron’s government claims was perpetrated by the Syrian military. A report by the Sunday Mail found that export licences were granted to British firms to export chemicals which are used to make the nerve gas sarin. SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson said: “This is utter hypocrisy from the UK Government – deploring chemical weapons in public whilst approving the sale of items needed to make them[...]I will be raising this at Westminster as soon as possible to find out what examination the UK Government made of where these chemicals were going, and what they were to be used for[...]Approving the sale of chemicals which can be converted into lethal weapons during a civil war is a very serious issue.

Claims Assad used chemical weapons “utter nonsense”, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said dismissed claims that the chemical attack which took place in Damascus on 21 August was committed by President Assad as “utter nonsense” given that the President has been in the ascendency in the conflict. Mr Putin added: “We need to remember what’s happened in the last decade, the number of times the United States has initiated armed conflicts in various parts of the world. Has it solved a single problem?”.

US spied on the presidents of Brazil and Mexico

Further surveillance revelations relating to the US’s controversial National Security Agency (NSA) show that US agents accessed emails of the now Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto just before he was elected, according to reports. Documents also show his voicemails were accessed said Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald whose partner was recently detained at Heathrow Airport under anti-terror laws. President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil is believed to be considering the revelations. Brazil’s Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo said: “If these facts prove to be true, it would be unacceptable and could be called an attack on our country’s sovereignty,”


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