News in Scotland Wednesday

News in Scotland Wednesday
News in Scotland Wednesday
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First Minister Alex Salmond has made £32bn in uncosted independence
promises, claims Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson

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Set up oil fund for Scots immediately after independence, advise experts

A group of economic experts has advised the Scottish government to set up a short-term stabilisation fund in order to manage fluctuations in oil and gas prices and help provide “stable and predictable” revenues for future Scottish governments. A new report by the Fiscal Commission looked into the opportunities of an oil fund should Scots vote ‘yes’ in next September’s independence referendum and concluded that two funds should be created. The fund would run while another long-term fund is established to provide Scots with a fund similar to the Norwegian oil fund which owns around 1.5 percent of the world’s wealth and offers security and riches for future generations of Norwegians. Yes Scotland, the group which campaigns for an independent Scotland today welcomed the new report. The group’s Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said: “The recommendations by these internationally-renowned economists represent an opportunity to use this great asset sensibly and usefully and to avoid the huge mistakes made by successive Westminster governments in the past.”

Salmond has made £32bn in uncosted independence promises, claims Davidson

The leader of the Scottish Tories, Ruth Davidson, has claimed that First Minister Alex Salmond has made £32bn in uncosted promises relating to spending after independence. She said that Mr Salmond had resorted to the “last refuge of every shameless populist” by offering a string of spending pledges before next September’s referendum and not explaining where the money will come from to pay for the pledges. As the Dunfermline by-election – which the SNP must hold to maintain electoral momentum – campaign heats up the party outlined SNP policies it argues will benefit Fifers including: “the Council Tax freeze, the bus pass for over 60s, no tolls across the Forth, free prescriptions, no tuition fees, and the increase in childcare to 600 hours”. The party’s candidate Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “Universal policies are there for everyone, protecting people against the most severe impacts of Westminster’s cuts. These policies save Fifers money and are only safe with the SNP.”

Scotland top study destination in the world

A new survey has revealed that foreign students rate Scotland as the top global destination for learning satisfaction. The survey found that the way Scotland’s values education as a public good was a crucial factor for overseas students in Scotland. According to the research, commissioned by the British Council Scotland (BCS), found that Scotland’s academic system is “world-class” and “high innovative” said BCS director Dr Lloyd Anderson.

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(International news on currency union to inform the Scottish referendum debate)

Italian government survives vote of confidence

The Italian government appears to have survived a vote of confidence today after Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right party gave its support to beleaguered Prime Minister Enrico Letta. During the parliamentary debate former PM Mario Monti warned senators not to risk Italy falling under the “neocolonial oversight” of the troika (IMF/ECB/EU). Should Italy take a troika bailout, it could take years to recover, Mr Monti claimed. Italy is a member of the euro currency union.


US shut down sees 800,000 government workers on unpaid leave

The impasse between the Republicans and the Democrats over the US’s federal budget has led to a partial shutdown of government services considered ‘non-essential’ hitting 800,000 staff. The propaganda battle now rages over who is to blame with Pres Obama claiming the shutdown was due to an “ideological crusade” against Obamacare while Democrats have refused to open negotiations with Republicans over finding a compromise. Opinion polls show public does not approve of holding up the budget in order to delay Obamacare’s implementation.

US expels Venezuelan charge d’affaires

Venezuela’s US charge d’affaires has reportedly been expelled by Washington in a tit-for-tat move after the South American nation expelled three American diplomats. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had the US officials expelled accusing them of conspiring with the nation’s far-right elements to sabotage the economy and power grid. The latest impasse between the US and South American states follows the postponement of a meeting between Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and Barack Obama after it emerged the US had spied on her and other South American leaders as well as power companies. Venezuela is thought to have the largest oil reserves in the world.


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