Scottish independence: Poll shows support for Salmond’s foreign policy

A new survey shows Scots support the SNP government's foreign policy

Scottish News: Scottish independence: Poll shows support for Salmond’s foreign policy


by Jennifer Elliott

A new poll has revealed that Scots voters support plans proposed by Alex Salmond for an independent Scotland in relation to foreign policy and currency.

The poll in today’s Daily Record - known for its support of the Labour party - surveyed five hundred readers and showed strong backing for the SNP’s post-independence blueprint for Scotland to be nuclear-free, remain in the EU and NATO as well as retaining sterling.

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Reacting to the survey results on behalf of the SNP, MSP Bill Kidd who is a co-president of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, said:

“This is a very welcome poll, which in terms of defence, Europe and currency indicates a growing interest in the opportunities and benefits of independence.

“Trident is a staggering waste of money on unwanted and unusable weapons of mass destruction, and people clearly do not want it in an independent Scotland. But Labour’s Johann Lamont and the other anti-independence leaders’ heads remain stuck in the sand over Trident being dumped in Scotland – which would be for the fifty years unless people vote Yes in 2014.”

The MSP continued: “Even Michael Portillo, a former Tory defence secretary, says that Trident is a ‘waste of money’ and ‘past-sell-by-date’.”

Academics warned last night an autonomous Scotland in Europe would complicate matters.

Professor Alan Page, a constitutional law expert based at Dundee University, said:

“Whilst there is no reason to believe negotiations would not be successful in securing EU membership, the 64mn dollar question is, on what terms? Would it be expected to use the euro? That’s what nobody knows.”

Fifty-five percent of those polled want an independent Scotland to remain in the EU, while seventy-nine percent want to keep the pound.

However, some experts and commentators warn that if an independent Scotland were to keep the pound, the Scotland would not be economically independent.

Professor Tom Mullen of Glasgow University said voters would probably have to vote in the referendum without knowing for sure whether Scotland would join the EU or keep the pound.

He added: “Voters could make a reasonably strong bet that we would remain in the EU.”

The Better Together campaign has taken a different view on the outcomes of the poll, stating: “The majority of Scots want to remain in the EU but not adopt the euro. The only way to guarantee that is to vote to keep Scotland in the UK in 2014.”

The Yes campaign retaliated: “Independence will give people in Scotland the opportunity to make their own decisions. This poll shows people are very interested in that.”




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The Scottish Government and the SNP need to publish their reason for advocating Scottish membership of the EU – something that is by no means self-evident and has never been agreed by the Scottish people.

The SNP refuse to recognise that a significant number of fervid supporters of full independence are – for very good reasons – strongly opposed to independent Scotland being a member of the profoundly undemocratic, dictatorial, over-bureaucratic, empire building, demonstrably corrupt and frequently incompetent EU. Why should Scots exchange their independence for vassalage to the EU?

and the downloadable ‘Scotland in Europe’ and ‘EFTAEEAPDF documents below it.
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