Scottish Labour “out of touch” and “incompetent”

Scottish Labour have been described by Scots in a poll as
'incompetent' and 'untrustworthy'

Scottish news: Scottish Labour “out of touch” and “incompetent”

by Aya Kawanishi and Laura Latre

Scottish Labour have been described as “incompetent”, “boring” and “out of touch” in a new YouGov poll which gathered more negative than positive responses to the party.  

Published in today’s Scotsman newspaper, voters were asked to select words to describe attitudes towards Scotland’s second largest party.

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The survey was commissioned by the Fabian Society which is affiliated to the Labour party and asked respondents to pick out three words that best describe the party.

It was revealed that 35 percent of people said it was ‘out of touch’, 29 percent ‘incompetent’, 26 percent ‘boring’ and 35 per cent ‘untrustworthy’. By contrast, there were only 5 percent who chose “efficient” and 8 percent thought it was ‘trustworthy’.

The results come after the launch of pro-independence pressure group from within the party which recently launched a website called Labour for Independence which aims to pressurise Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont to allow members to vote on the constitutional question with the aim of adopting a pro-independence policy.

However, the group is unlikely to succeed in changing its party’s policy and its role as a member of the Better Together campaign.

Labour North East MSP Richard Baker, who is a member on the Better Together board, has played down the importance of the pro-independence group emphatically restating the “we are stronger together” slogan.

Senior Labour figures said the website, launched by party member Allan Grogan, has attracted plenty backing from SNP supporters, however, they insist members are free to bring policy suggestions to debate.

The SNP’s Christine McKelvie, who chairs Holyrood’s external relations committee, told the Labour party to listen to its grassroots, saying: “In the coming months, we will look to appeal to Ms Lamont and the heads of the Scottish Labour Party for a membership vote on Labour’s stance.”

A Scottish Labour spokesperson retorted saying by saying: “The SNP would be better trying to convince their own voters, since this week’s poll showed only just over half of them back independence.”

Although the majority of Labour voters would opt for remaining within the UK, a YouGov poll on independence found that Labour voters are more likely to back independence than both Lib Dem and Tory voters.

Since the launch of the “Yes Scotland” campaign, several former Labour supporters said they were now supporting independence, among them ex-MP Dennis Canavan, actor Brian Cox, former trade unionist Tommy Brennan and a former key adviser to former Labour First Minister Jack McConnell.

A recent opinion poll on behalf of think-tank Reform Scotland, which is behind the devo-plus campaign, found that almost three-quarters of Labour voters wanted unionists to campaign for more powers for the Scottish Parliament during the referendum campaign.

In a YouGov poll only last month just 17 percent of Labour supporters in Scotland agreed with the statement:  "It is better for Scotland to be part of the United Kingdom when there is a Conservative government in Westminster."



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