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Scottish News: Take a (good hard) look at us now

It is good now and again to step back from the hustle of the debate leading to the referendum, and just regain a sense of proportion and of focus on what we are trying to do and why, look at the bigger picture. I tried to do that this last week, and managed to steer round the outcrops of scare stories about an independent Scotland having to raise crippling taxes to fund the Scottish pension bill, and the threats that without Trident on the Clyde, we would all be at risk of being toast due to North Korean nuclear rockets, a Cameron version of the forty five minutes to readiness WMD of Saddam Hussein.

I even managed to shrug off the temptation to believe the earlier OBR predictions on declining Oil and Gas tax revenues accruing to an independent Scotland on account of the approaching end of the North Sea oilfields, when three Westminster Secretaries of State hauled themselves up to Aberdeen to say how spiffing the prospects for North Sea Oil and Gas were with all this inward investment flooding in, and as good as admitted that the best may very well be yet to come.

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But the sentences handed out to Philpott for killing his 6 children, life with a minimum of 15 years, when compared to other sentences, for theft of money or goods, is scandalous and a cause of public outrage. It is very easy to slip into the grumpy old man routine of exaggeration and hyperbole, but I cannot be the only one who has concluded that the decline and fall of the United Kingdom has now become a headlong plunge.

Spending hard earned taxpayer money on replacing Weapons of Mass Destruction whilst giving tax breaks to millionaires and cutting budgets like it was going out of style is a telling measure of how far the UK has fallen in common sense and decent accountable government. Doing nothing to split casino banking from retail banking, after 3 years in power, doing nothing to allow state owned banks paying ludicrous and scandalous bonuses to executives who certainly don’t deserve them, and half-baked welfare reforms, like penalizing people with “excess” rooms without any alternative social housing to move out to, are all scandalous abuse of people who never voted for this rotten government and who disagree strenuously with its ethos, if it has one.

Nobody voted for a Coalition government, certainly not we Scots, who got a Tory government whilst electing one solitary MP. Westminster ploughs on regardless, and pursues their right wing to-do list which is clearly against the wishes of some 85% of Scottish voters, as measured by votes cast. Westminster wants to rip the UK out of the EU and the Scots will have less than a 10% voice in approving that proposal.

I am at a total loss to understand how anyone can possibly say that being a part of a political Union is better when it is a train crash in slow motion (but getting faster every day) in which we have no effective influence or decision-making powers, and when the other party just doesn’t care what we say, or even that we have said anything at all.

Scots awake! And see a future in which power is brought much closer to the people affected, and in which we Scots can make the decisions which affect our future ourselves. There is no doubt at all, not a scintilla, that an independent Scotland can prosper and thrive, and that we should yearn for the day we are free to make our own decisions and choices.

Alex Robertson is a retired entrepreneur and is now a writer and columnist. Alex is Director of the pro-independence Think Tank, Scottish Centre for Constitutional Studies


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