Trump’s case of wind farm ‘financial suicide’ dismissed

A parliamentary committee has dismissed Donald Trump's claims
that wind farms harm Scotland's tourism sector

Scottish news: Trump’s case of wind farm ‘financial suicide’ dismissed

A parliamentary committee has confirmed that there is no ‘robust’ evidence to suggest that wind farm developments are hurting the country’s tourism sector.

The findings come amid objections by US business tycoon Donald Trump, who is sceptical of wind farms arguing that the negative impact on tourism will be so great the farms represent ‘financial suicide’.

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Holyrood's economy committee also said the Scottish government's ambitious green energy targets could be met, however MSPs warned they were being put at risk because of a lack of finance.

Mr Trump, who gave evidence to the inquiry, is opposing plans to build an offshore wind farm near his £1bn golf resort in Menie, Aberdeenshire.

The businessman told the inquiry wind farms were inefficient, could not operate without big subsides, have "killed massive amounts of wildlife" and would damage tourism.

When challenged to provide statistical evidence for his arguments, Mr Trump told the committee in April: "I am the evidence”.

Dr Sam Gardner, Senior Policy Officer at WWF Scotland said of today's findings:"The report
contains nothing from Donald Trump's long session of bluster in front of the Committee”.

“He really needs to get the message that he is massively out of line with public opinion in Scotland”.

Convener of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, Murdo Fraser MSP warned that many issues still need to be addressed if Scotland is to achieve its renewable energy goals.

He said: “After a wide ranging inquiry, taking extensive evidence, our Committee has concluded that the electricity target can be achieved but only if the issues outlined in this report are acted upon”.

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