‘Women for Independence’ website launches

A new campaign will be launched aimed at giving women a voice in 
Scotland's independence debate

Scottish news‘Women for Independence’ website launches

by Karla Healion

Today marks the launch of the ‘Women for Independence’ website, with the official ‘Women for Independence - Independence for Women’ campaign starting next month.

The people behind womenforindependence.org (Twitter feed @womenforindy and Facebook women4independence) include former SNP candidate and left-wing peace campaigner Isobel Lindsay, ex-Socialist MSP Carolyn Leckie, former political advisor Jeanne Freeman, Scotland - USA diplomat Susan Stewart and blogger Kate Higgins.

The organisation of 214 members claims to be a non-party affiliated body aiming to give women the space to voice support or discuss relevant aspects of an independent Scotland.

Women for Independence says, “Independence will create opportunities for women to engage in developing a fully democratic vision for Scotland’s future” and that “women should play a central role in achieving independence”.

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Recent polls consistently show a lack of female support for independence. An Ipsos Mori poll in June found 38 percent of men support independence, but only 27 percent of women.

A couple of months ago a Yougov poll found that 59 percent of women were against independence and another Panelbase poll showed women’s opposition to independence to be at about 62 percent.

As misleading as statistics may be, all figures seem to say that there is a lack of support by women, or engagement of women, in the independence debate. Some critics say that the yes campaign is too patriotic, with the machismo of the Braveheart mentalitylost on female voters.

In a recent interview with Scotland on Sunday Isobel Lindsay explained, “We want to find out what some of the issues are so we can work with women to provide the information they want and, hopefully, persuade them that voting yes makes best sense for them and their communities’ futures.”

About the campaign Carolyn Leckie added: “I love that this group is as wide as its name and that we have very diverse reasons for supporting independence, but we all agree that independence needs to be better than the status quo for women. So this group will listen to women and bring women together to organise for our own voices to be heard centre stage, for our own independence as well as that of the nation.”



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